Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 3 March 2014

Paper Subject
50/2013-14 Project 33/2010 Integrated warning system for monitoring and prediction of dust storm events in Hong Kong
51/2013-14 Project 08/2012 The use of rubberized asphalt mixture incorporated with warm asphalt additives on urban road pavements in Hong Kong
52/2013-14 Project 03/2012 Plug-in hybrid air-conditioning system
53/2013-14 Project 29/2012 An in-depth investigation of the microbial community underpinning renewable biogas production from North East New Territories landfill
54/2013-14 Project 34/2012 Monitoring heavy metals in oysters from Lau Fau Shan for sustainable development of the oyster industry in Hong Kong
55/2013-14 Project 05/2013 To produce a demonstration unit to convert bamboo/wood waste to activated carbon
56/2013-14 Project 28/2012 Cooling load characteristics and applying task/ambient air conditioning (TAC) for vehicles during waiting with a switched-off idling engine
57/2013-14 Project 03/2013 Developing an energy saving design guideline for car park ventilation in response to decreasing emission inventory
58/2013-14 Project 07/2013 Measuring the environmental quality and sustainable development of the Hong Kong Global Geopark of China
59/2013-14 Project 32/2012 Complete biodegradable solar cell on paper substrate: from fabrication setup to device
60/2013-14 Project 04/2013 Two centuries of nitrogen pollution in Hong Kong's coastal waters reconstructed from hard-coral and octocoral δ15N records
61/2013-14 Project 01/2013 Assessment of the ecological role of birds in Hong Kong's secondary forests
62/2013-14 Project 06/2013 Value of hermetia illucens (black soldier fly) for food waste conversion in Hong Kong
63/2013-14 Project 11/2013 Construction of DNA barcoding database for rapid taxonomic identification of marine fauna in Hong Kong
64/2013-14 Project 20/2013 Enforcing the voluntary 25.5 degree C thermostat setting in Hong Kong's indoor public space
65/2013-14 Project 02/2013 A luminescent oligonucleotide-based probe for the detection of arsenic in aqueous solution
66/2013-14 Project 08/2013 Sustainable recycling and re-use of Flat Panel Displays (FPD) and components from discarded electronic wastes
67/2013-14 Project 12/2013 Advancing vanadium redox flow batteries for large-scale energy storage
68/2013-14 Project 14/2013 Study of the energy saving potential of integrating the Sustainable Building Environmental Model (SBEM) in Hong Kong
69/2013-14 Project 17/2013 Fast and in-situ responsive luminescence for the analysis of toxic heavy metal - cadmium in industry effluent water and Hong Kong marine water
70/2013-14 Project 15/2013 "LED Up Hong Kong" - Documenting the environmental benefits, social acceptance, and economic opportunities of LED lighting, to facilitate its effective deployment in all market segments
71/2013-14 Project 09/2013 Novel climate control system for electric vehicles
72/2013-14 Project 18/2013 The 13th International conference on indoor air quality and climate, July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong
48/2013-14 Project 06/2010 Investigation on occurrence of triclosan in wastewater and the possibility of its degradation to 2,8-dichlorinated-p-Dioxin
49/2013-14 Project 37/2009 Integrated pond fish farming using food wastes: for quality fish production and habitat conservation
49/2013-14 Project 23/2011 Green features for sustainable daylighting design in buildings