Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 9 December 2013

Paper Subject
21/2013-14 Project 33/2010 Integrated warning system for monitoring and prediction of dust storm events in Hong Kong
44/2013-14 Review and Updates of the Priority Research Theme
22/2013-14 Project 03/2012 Plug-in hybrid air-conditioning system
25/2013-14 Project 07/2012 Development of novel material from e-Waste for the removal of toxic heavy metal ions from wastewater
26/2013-14 Project 12/2012 Ecology and biodiversity of benthic dinoflagellates in Hong Kong
24/2013-14 Project 15/2012 Assessment of conventional, new persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and trace elements in Hong Kong cetaceans
41/2013-14 Project 20/2012 Developing a rapid detection system for the identification of diesel vehicles with high level of exhaust emissions in Hong Kong
34/2013-14 Project 10/2012 Photocatalytic degradation of bisphenol A using metal oxide photocatalysts
27/2013-14 Project 11/2012 Reducing carbon footprint via bus route rationalization
28/2013-14 Project 14/2012 Inexpensive method to extract and recycle precious metals in dental wastes
31/2013-14 Project 08/2012 The use of rubberized asphalt mixture incorporated with warm asphalt additives on urban road pavements in Hong Kong
43/2013-14 Project 25/2012 Development of an effective software for energy performance assessment and diagnosis of existing information-poor buildings
35/2013-14 Project 22/2012 Monitoring of formaldehyde indoor sources and quantification of their Emissions from Building Materials and Household Products
36/2013-14 Project 23/2012 A study on green consumerism and sustainable lifestyle in Hong Kong: creating a new baseline
42/2013-14 Project 21/2012 Application of active noise control for improved sound transmission loss across ventilation windows
33/2013-14 Project 27/2012 Simultaneous partial nitrification, anammox and denitrification in an innovative fluidized-bed aerated membrane bioreactor for reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission
37/2013-14 Project 26/2012 Environmental education on sustainability and ecological studies of rivers in Lantau Island
23/2013-14 Project 13/2013 City carbon portal conference 2: “Policy and technology integration”
32/2013-14 Project 24/2012 Smart water leakage detection
29/2013-14 Project 16/2012 Can stream drift be used to monitor climate change? Development of a protocol for assessing the effects of temperature rise on biodiversity in Hong Kong streams
30/2013-14 Project 18/2012 The economic welfare of the Hong Kong Global Geopark: An application of the travel cost method
38/2013-14 Project 19/2012 Revealing historical profile of marine ecological degradation in Hong Kong using paleoecological approaches
39/2013-14 Project 29/2012 An in-depth investigation of the microbial community underpinning renewable biogas production from North East New Territories landfill
40/2013-14 Project 30/2012 To investigate microbial diversity and antibiotic resistant genes in Hong Kong marine sediment