Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 10 January 2013

Paper Subject
40/2012-13 Terms of Reference, Standing Orders and Guidelines on Declaration of Interests
41/2012-13 Project 46/2011 Investigating the potential of climate-change mitigation by ventilated wall incorporated into residential Building block in Hong Kong
42/2012-13 Project 42/2011 A DNA-based luminescent switch-on probe for the selective detection of ochratoxin A in aqueous solution
43/2012-13 Project 38/2011 Nano-reinforced protective coatings on biofuel engine systems
44/2012-13 Project 01/2012 Investigation of Primary PM and NO2 Emissions from On-road vehicles and their impact on the roadside and ambient air quality in Hong Kong
45/2012-13 Project 45/2011 Species identification and health risk assessment of contaminants found in shark fins from Hong Kong markets
46/2012-13 Project 39/2011 A holistic approach to a sustainable eco-flood channel design for Yuen Long Nullah
47/2012-13 Project 31/2011 Demonstrative Study On Monitoring oil-spill and its impact on coastal environment in Hong Kong using satellite remote sensing data
48/2012-13 Project 50/2011 Development of a forecast system for leaked hazardous and noxious substances and risk analysis in Hong Kong coastal waters
49/2012-13 Project 02/2012 Pilot study of using biodiesel on ground support equipment (GSE) and fleet in Hong Kong International Airport
50/2012-13 Project 05/2012 Carrying capacities of dive sites in Hong Kong
51/2012-13 Project 09/2009 A Study of the impacts of intensive diving tourism on the marine environment of Hong Kong
52/2012-13 Project 17/2008 Development of an automatic switching off system for idling engine to achieve enhanced fuel economy and improved environment