Environment and Conservation Fund Committee  

ECF Committee Discussion Papers on 25 September 2014

Paper Subject
24/2014-15 Further Funding Support for Food Waste Recycling Projects in Housing Estates
25/2014-15 Project 26/2013 - Incense Smoke & Odour Collection & Filtering System and Incense Ash Regeneration
26/2014-15 Yan Chai Hospital (YCH) – Evolving into a Green Non-governmental Organization:
Proposed Programme Revision and Extension of Greening Programme and Consultancy Services
27/2014-15 Project WRP 346 – Glass Recycling for a Greener Tomorrow
28/2014-15 Project WRP 322 – Hung Hom District Waste Recovery Scheme
29/2014-15 Project WRP 340 – Ho Man Tin, North Tokwawan, and Kowloon City Households Waste Recovery Scheme
30/2014-15 Project WRP 344 – Ways for Plastic Recycling
31/2014-15 The Proposed Plan for Reviewing the Performance of the Environment and Conservation Fund