Environment and Conservation Fund Committee  

ECF Committee Discussion Papers on 5 March 2014

Paper Subject
42/2013-14 Environment and Conservation Fund - Proposed Budget and Arrangement for 2014/15
43/2013-14 Proposed Budget of Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) Programmes for Financial Year 2014-15
44/2013-14 Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) - Subsidy to Support Source Separation of Waste
45/2013-14 Proposed Arrangements to Enhance Flexibility in Processing Programme Variation Requests from Green NGOs
46/2013-14 Sik Sik Yuen - To Move Towards a Green Organization: Progress Report
47/2013-14 Po Leung Kuk – Evolving into a “Green Organization”: Request for Extension of the Greening Programme and Report on the Latest Programme Implementation