ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee Discussion Papers  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 1 February 2005

Paper No. Subject
40/2004 Progress Report of ECF funded research and technology demonstration projects
41/2004 Proposed variations to projects details - Project 5/2000
42/2004 Project 16/2003 - The Use of Biomarkers for Ecotoxicological Assessments of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and Heavy Metals on Birds at Mai Po Nature Reserve and Other Wetlands
43/2004 Project 17/2004 - On-Farm Organic Waste Composting Trail for Organic Farmers: Demonstration project
44/2004 Project 23/2003 - Lead-free Sn-Zn Solder Interconnects for Green Electronics Manufacturing
45/2004 Project 1/2004 - Analysis on diversity of insect communities and indicator groups of various habitats in Hong Kong
46/2004 Project 6/2004 - Ecological and Physiological Response of Hong Kong Coral Communities to Changing Temperature and Oxygen Levels
47/2004 Project 18/2004 - Application of photocatalytic oxidation technology for disinfection of the water in seafood water tanks
48/2004 Project 19/2004 - Source Characterization of Formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds in Indoor Environments
49/2004 Project 14/2004 - Digital green-space and its environmental, social and economic values in Hong Kong
50/2004 Project 20/2004 - Water Conservation through Enhanced Biological Wastewater Treatment and UV Disinfection