ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee Discussion Papers  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 2 December 2004

Paper No. Subject
25/2004 Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee -- Standing Orders and Guildelines on Declaration of Interests
26/2004 Proposed variations to details of ECF funded projects
27/2004 Project 16/2003-- The Use ofBiomarkersfor Ecotoxicological Assessments of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) andHeavyMetals on Birds at Mai Po Nature Reserve and Other Wetlands
28/2004 Project 7/2004 -- Population and Ecololgy of Water Buffalo in Pui O, Lantau
29/2004 Project 8/2004 -- Development of Pre-bloom Fluorimetric Assays for the Monitoring of Harmful Algal Blooms
30/2004 Project 9/2004 -- Simultaneous Removal of Ammonia and COD from Landfill Leachate using a Novel Flame Reactor
31/2004 Project 10/2004 -- Toxicity, biodiversity, edibility and potential applications of the current puffer fish resources in Hong Kong waters
32/2004 Project 11/2004-- Pilot project to increase awareness of the importance of product design technology for sustainable development
33/2004 Project 12/2004 -- The 4th Inernational Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics and 14th Congress of Asia and Pacific Division, International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research
34/2004 Project 13/2004 -- Development of Single Analytical Method for Simultaneously Determining Dioxins and Dioxin-like PCBs in Ambient Air
35/2004 Project 15/2004 --Hong Kong playing a pivotal role in "Keeping Asia's Spoonbills Airborne"
36/2004 Projet 16/2004-- Modelling, Monitoring and Characterisation of Heavy Metals in Thermal Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste
37/2004 Project 17/2004-- On-Farm Organic Waste Composting Trail for Organic Farmers: Demonstration project