Biodiversity of marine fishes in Hong Kong waters  

Project Title: Biodiversity of Marine Fishes in Hong Kong Waters

Applicant: Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Total Approved Grant: $590,884.00

Duration: 30/9/1999 to 30/6/2001

Status: Completed


To provide a database on fish biodiversity in Hong Kong coastal waters and to document :

  1. the checklist of HK's marine fish fauna (Ni and Kwok 1999) to be updated with coral fishes, etc.;

  2. interactive internet fishbase (with color photos, common names and descriptions); and

  3. diagnostic keys for identifying HK fishes, a simplified version will be posted on internet.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:
A website of the completed project has been developed and all fundings have been uploaded in the website: