The Feasibility Study of Waste Minimization for Hotel Industry  

Project Title: The Feasibility Study of Waste Minimization for Hotel Industry

Applicant: Friends of the Earth

Total Approved Grant: $92,048

Duration: 15/02/98 to 15/08/98

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

Scope: To identify the hoteliers' existing housekeeping practice on the usage of disposable toiletries and also to evaluate the practitioners' and the guests' willingness to shift to a more environmentally-friendly practice.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes: Feedback from the Hoteliers :

  • 65% of the hotels surveyed had a green purchasing policy in place;
  • 98% of the hotels would consider purchasing environmentally-friendly bottle toiletries;
  • 22% of the hotels could accept a 1-5% cost increase for the green switch;
  • Hoteliers' concerns on bottle toiletries were low price (89%), minimal workload added (83%), corporate identity (82%), high durability (66%), ease of disposal (64%) and recyclability (56%)
Feedback from the Guests:
  • Approximately 92% of the guests surveyed and responded by saying that they would uphold environmental protection; and
  • Guests' expectations on using bottle toiletries were ease of usage (89%), easily recognized (93%0, luxury feel (78%) and see-through effect (48%).
In conclusion, the hoteliers and the guests were ready to accept environmental-friendly alternatives to replace the existing non-biodegradable bottle toiletries.