Marine Debris Survey  

Project Title: Marine Debris Survey

Applicant: The Hong Kong Marine Conservation Society

Total Approved Grant: $118,450

Duration: 09/96 to 03/97

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

Scope: To investigate the extent of marine debris pollution on Hong Kong's shores, to determine the amount, types, distribution, and sources of marine debris, to increase public awareness regarding the environmental problems posed by marine debris.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes: From the fifty-six beaches examined , an average of 7,745 debris items were recorded per kilometre. Nearly half the debris items were plastic, mainly discarded foam, pieces, bottles, containers and bags. The major sources of marine debris included recreational use of beaches, the fishing and shipping industries.

The report concluded with recommendations which included the improvement of both the facilities to dispose of marine and land-based rubbish and the judicial procedures for policing, enforcing and prosecuting offenders while also educating the general public of marine debris problems. It was recommended that the government should also improve the scope, use, and operation of port waste reception facilities while also fully implementing the Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme.