International Conference on Derelict Land Management  

Project Title: International Conference on Derelict Land Management

Applicant: Hong Kong Baptist University

Total Approved Grant: $100,000

Duration: 03/12/96 to 06/12/96

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

Scope: To provide a forum for local and overseas scientists to exchange and update information on remediation and management of degraded lands, in particular to review the extent of degradation of land resources, the ecological requirements for reclamation or restoration of derelict and disturbed lands and their beneficial end-uses.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes: During the 3-day period, there were 43 oral presentations (including 17 keynote papers) and 40 poster presentations. A field trip was organized in the afternoon of the 2nd day. In addition to the "Programme and Abstract", the peer-reviewed conference proceedings "Remediation and Management of Degraded Lands" had been published by Ann Arbor Press, USA.

Thirty-five papers presented at the conference had been included in the proceedings, and they were grouped under three subheadings :
I. Mine Management and Rehabilitation;
II. Management of Derelict Lands; and
III. Soil Contamination and Remediation.

It was intended that the collection of these papers should act as a framework for discussion of the major processes, issues, and concepts involved in the process of land remediation. It was also hoped that the volume would serve as a reference book for undergraduate and postgraduate students, practitioners, professionals or community members, having a common goal of ensuring the long-term sustainable reuse of land.