International Conference on Environmental and Public Health  

Project Title: International Conference on Environmental and Public Health

Applicant: Hong Kong Baptist University

Total Approved Grant: $24,000

Duration: 12/3/2002 to 14/3/2002

Project Status/Remarks: Completed


The main themes for the conference are the Environmental Management System, Sustainable Development, Management and Control of Environmental Contamination, Risk Assessment and Management, Effects of Environment on Human Health and Management of Public Health.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:

The Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Management [INREM] of Hong Kong Baptist University [HKBU] organised an International Conference on Environmental and Public Health on 12-14 March 2002, which attracted more than 160 experts of various disciplines from all over the world to discuss issues on sustainable development, environmental health and risk management. Hong Kong, like most highly-developed cities, enjoyed economic and industrial advancement in the past, but has also brought about many environmental trade-offs. Good management of natural resources and living in harmony with nature are the keys to sustaining continuous economic growth and technological advancement, while the health of mankind greatly depended on the ability to manage renewable and non-renewable resources. Thus environmental conservation, sustainable development and environmental health are among the top priorities of highly developed cities.

The participants came from Britain, America, Australia, Japan, Germany, India, Taiwan, Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia, the mainland and Hong Kong. The conference consisted of keynote seminars by renowned experts and oral presentations and poster displays by participants.

The conference was co-sponsored by HKBU and the Environment and Conservation Fund. An opening ceremony was held on Tuesday, 12 March 2002 at 9 am with Dr. the Hon. Raymond Ho, Legislative Councillor, Prof. Herbert Tsang, Vice-President (Research and Support Services), HKBU, and Prof. Rick Wong, Acting Dean of Science, HKBU, as the officiating guests.

Participating experts included Prof. J. Bridges (The University of Surrey), Dr. O. Bridges (University of Surrey), Dr. R. Naidu (CSIRO Land and Water, Australia), Dr. J. Ng (National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology, Australia), Dr. N.M. Dickinson (Liverpool John Moores University), Prof. Q.G. Zhao (Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof. Z.L. Zhu (Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, CAS), Prof. J.M. Fu (Guangdong Institute of Geochemistry, CAS), Prof. S. Zhang (Institute of Geographical Sciences and Resources Research, CAS), Prof. Hiromichi Morikawa (Hiroshima University), Prof. D.K.O. Chan (HKU), Dr. C.K.M. Leung, M.D. (IVF Centre (HK), Hong Kong Sanitarium and Hospital), Prof. Kelvin Chan (HKBU) and Prof. Wong Ming-hung (HKBU).