Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 10 September 2012

Paper Subject
20/2012-13 Project 32/2011 Persistent Organic Pollutants in Human Breast Milk
21/2012-13 Project 8/2011 Erosion and growth of massive corals in Hong Kong
22/2012-13 Project 36/2011 Development of a Bioluminescence-based Biosensor for Fast Screening and Detection of Plasticizer Phthalate Contaminants
23/2012-13 Project Completion - Project 30/2010 Carbon Footprint Analysis of Hotels in Hong Kong
24/2012-13 Project Variations - Project 1/2011 Living on the edge: coral growth in marginal environments
25/2012-13 Project 49/2011 Study on Strategic Energy Policy of Hong Kong towards Renewable Energy Applications
26/2012-13 Project 48/2011 Feasibility of Utilizing Sewage Sludge Incinerator Ash for Concrete Blocks Production
27/2012-13 Project 44/2011 On the Study of Effect of Aesthetics Appearance of Vegetated Noise Barriers on Noise Annoyance Moderation
28/2012-13 Project 06/2012 First International Conference on Performance-based and Life-cycle Structural Engineering (PLSE 2012)
29/2012-13 Project 43/2011 Developing a Phase Change Material (PCM) based Air Cooler for Vehicles with a Switched-off Idling Engine
30/2012-13 Project 41/2011 Improvement of Urban Air Quality by Photocatalytic-film-coated Curtain Walls for High-rise Buildings
31/2012-13 Project 9/2012 2012 Forum on Urban Geoenvironment and Sustainable Development
32/2012-13 Project 26/2011 High Resolution Measurements of NO2 in Hong Kong using a Portable Cavity-Enhanced DOAS Instrument
33/2012-13 Project 47/2011 Environmental, Energy and Economic Evaluation of Solar Cooling and Heating for Buildings
36/2012-13 Project 30/2011 Demonstration of an efficient air pollutants scrubbing device for marine applications