Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 18 July 2012

Paper Subject
4/2012-13 Project 09/2011 Dosing of Ferric Iron for the Control of Odour Problems in Typhoon Shelters
5/2012-13 Eligibility Criteria for Technology Demonstration Projects on Waste Minimisation and Recycling
6/2012-13 Project 30/2011 Demonstration of an efficient air pollutants scrubbing device for marine applications
7/2012-13 Project 29/2011 Recycling Sludge Incineration Ash for Ceramic Products: Texture Design and Metal Immobility
8/2012-13 Project 33/2011 Composting of Food Waste with Chinese Medicinal Herb Residues as a Bulking Agent to produce a High-end Organic Fertilizer
9/2012-13 Project 32/2011 Persistent Organic Pollutants in Human Breast Milk
10/2012-13 Project 37/2011 Incorporating air pollution impact into traffic impact assessment in Hong Kong
11/2012-13 Project 23/2011 Green features for sustainable daylighting design in buildings
12/2012-13 Project 8/2011 Erosion and growth of massive corals in Hong Kong
13/2012-13 Project 24/2011 Probing the environmental fate of UV filters: occurrence, bioaccumulation and degradation
14/2012-13 Project 36/2011 Development of a Bioluminescence-based Biosensor for Fast Screening and Detection of Plasticizer Phthalate Contaminants
15/2012-13 Project 28/2011 Conserving Hong Kong through partnership: Enhancing communication between the government, the green groups and major stakeholders
16/2012-13 Project 25/2011 Marine Energy: Preliminary Resource Assessment of Hong Kong Coastal Waters and Performance Testing of a Prototype Device
17/2012-13 Project 40/2011 Study the Energy Saving Opportunities and Potentials of Using Wireless Sensor Network to Monitor the Indoor Climate of Large-scale Rooms in Hong Kong