Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 1 November 2011

Paper Subject
22/2011-12 Project 33/2010 Integrated warning system for monitoring and prediction of dust storm events in Hong Kong
23/2011-12 Project 02/2011 Smart battery storages for sustainable energy development
24/2011-12 Project 19/2011 Research on the post-nesting ecology of White-bellied Sea Eagle Haliaeetus leucogaster in Hong Kong
25/2011-12 Project 6/2010 A Study on Product Carbon Footprint for Hong Kong Community
26/2011-12 Project 11/2011 Investigation of coral distribution and coral environment in Hong Kong using satellite remote sensing techniques
27/2011-12 Project 12/2010 Selective adsorption and removal of toxic metals in seawater
28/2011-12 Project 13/2010 Radiocesium accumulation and risk in marine shellfish and fish
29/2011-12 Project 15/2011 Anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria as bio-indicator for the anthropogenic pollution and its history
30/2011-12 Project 22/2011 International Conference on Solid Waste: Innovation in Technology and Management
31/2011-12 Project 10/2010 Feasibility study on geothermal air-conditioning and hot water system for house buildings in Hong Kong