Environment and Conservation Fund Committee  

ECF Committee Discussion Papers on 3 October 2012

Paper Subject
24/2012-13 WEEE Recycling Centre funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund: Way Forward
25/2012-13 Funding to Support Non-governmental Organizations to Operate Plastic Resources Recycling Centre at EcoPark Phase II in Tuen Mun
26/2012-13 Central & Western Mid-Levels Owners’ Association - Source Separation of Waste Programme in C&W District & Mid-Levels: Budget Revision
27/2012-13 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups – Transforming HKFYG into a Green Youth Organization
28/2012-13 Tung Wah Group of Hospitals – To Move Towards a Green Organization: Requests for Extension of the Three-year Greening Programme and Additional Funding for the Environmental Consultancy Services
29/2012-13 Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGH) – Moving Towards a Green Organization
(i) Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Improvement: Project Variation
30/2012-13 Way Forward for Handling the Outstanding Applications under the Buildings Energy Efficiency Funding Schemes