Environment and Conservation Fund Committee  

ECF Committee Discussion Papers on 25 February 2011

Paper Subject
18/2010-11 Yan Chai Hospital - Strategic Environmental Consultancy Service for YCH Evolving into a Green NGO
19/2010-11 Funding Support to Housing Estates for Collection and Recycling of Source Separated Food Waste
20/2010-11 Funding Caps for Building Energy Efficiency Funding Schemes
21/2010-11 Proposal for Continuing to Engage Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund to Provide Support to the Operation of the Buildings Energy Efficiency Funding Schemes
22/2010-11 Moving towards a Green NGO Programme - Evaluation Framework
23/2010-11 Environmental Programmes by the Environmental Campaign Committee for 2011/12
24/2010-11 Programme Areas under Environment and Conservation Fund - Overview and Way Forward