Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 28 September 2010

Paper Subject
21/2010-11 Transfer of Title of Capital Items and Equipments
22/2010-11 Project 32/2009 Green Purchasing Handbook for Hong Kong-based Corporations and Organisations
23/2010-11 Project 05/2010 Beyond Eco-labelling: Embedding environmental management practices in enterprises in Hong Kong
24/2010-11 Project 13/2010 Feasibility Study of Using Towngas in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Clean Power Generation
25/2010-11 Project 34/2009 Recovery of metals and chars from bioleaching of e-waste by sorption
26/2010-11 Project 11/2010 Policy Instruments and Flexible Mechanisms in International Climate Cooperation and Implications for Hong Kong
27/2010-11 Project 12/2010 Investigation of the distribution of bloom-forming and potentially toxic cyanobacteria in Hong Kong's freshwater habitats
28/2010-11 Project 16/2010 Construction Waste Estimation and Management in Hong Kong
29/2010-11 Project 10/2010 Development of fluorescent biosensor for rapid detection of estrogenic substances in the aqueous environment
30/2010-11 Project 18/2010 The Clinical Application of Biomonitoring Data in the Risk Assessment of Human Health on Environmental Chemicals
31/2010-11 Project 15/2010 "Green is the New Cool" Forum and Master Classes: Designing for a Low Carbon Life in a Creative, Actionable and Affordable Way
32/2010-11 Project 37/2009 Integrated Pond Fish Farming using Food Wastes: for Quality Fish Production and Habitat Conservation
33/2010-11 Project 25/2009 Artificial Sweetener as an Emerging Contaminant: Its occurrence and transformation products in Hong Kong waters
34/2010-11 Project 06/2010 Investigation on occurrence of triclosan in wastewater and the possibility of its degradation to 2.8-dichlorinated-p-dioxin
35/2010-11 Project 03/2010 A selective oligonucleotide-based luminescent switch-on probe for the detection of nanomolar mercury (II) ion in aqueous solution
36/2010-11 Project 08/2010 Investigation of occurrence of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and methyl-mercury (methyl-Hg) in the sediments of storage reservoirs in the Pearl River Delta
37/2010-11 Project 20/2010 Development of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Recycling Methodology and a Model for the Electrical and Electronics Industry in Hong Kong
38/2010-11 Project 26/2010 Development of an Electric Air Conditioning (EAC) System Tailored for Commercial Vehicles with Dedicated Operational Needs