Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 25 February 2010

Paper Subject
44/2009-2010 Air quality in Hong Kong: A supersite program for real-time characterization of Particulate Matter (PM) in Hong Kong's air
45/2009-2010 Study of photochemical air pollution in Hong Kong
46/2009-2010 Biogenic volatile organic compounds emissions from Hong Kong vegetation
47/2009-2010 Improvement in roadside PM2.5 pollution after vehicle emission control measures in Hong Kong
48/2009-2010 The Second International Conference on Global Change and the Environment in Asia and Pacific (GCEAP): Inland waters and Coastal Environment
49/2009-2010 Hong Kong Night Sky Brightness Monitoring Network
50/2009-2010 Phytoremediation of lead-contaminated soils using green technology
51/2009-2010 The Sixteenth Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference 2010
52/2009-2010 Injection-Grade Natural Fibre Disposable Plastic for Green Product Development
53/2009-2010 International Postgraduate Conference on infrastructure and Environment
54/2009-2010 A study of the impacts of intensive diving tourism on the marine environment of Hong Kong
55/2009-2010 Modeling and predicting the day-to-day air quality variation in Hong Kong related to meteorological effects
56/2009-2010 Proposed variation to detail of ECF Funded Research Project