Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 10 September 2009

Paper Subject
27/2009-10 Project 11/2008 - Antibiotics and antibiotic resistant genes in potable water and soil environments of Hong Kong
28/2009-10 Project 24/2008 - Development of Hong Kong electric light bus for public transportation and environment
29/2009-10 Project 3/2009 - Feasibility study and demonstrate the implementation of electric vehicles in Hong Kong
30/2009-10 Project 2/2009 - Advanced treatment technologies for endocrine-disrupting compounds in water
31/2009-10 Project 4/2009 - Air quality in Hong Kong: A supersite program for real-time characterization of Particulate Matter (PM) in Hong Kong's air
32/2009-10 Project 7/2009 - Study of photochemical air pollution in Hong Kong
33/2009-10 Project 5/2009 - Characterization of Bacterial Community Associated with Skeletal Tissue Growth Anomalies in the Coral Platygyra carnosus
34/2009-10 Project 6/2009 - Waste Separation Refuse Chute Technology Research
35/2009-10 Project 14/2009 - International Conference on Solid Waste Management for Sustainability in Resource Management