Environment and Conservation Fund Committee  

ECF Committee Discussion Papers on 10 December 2009

Paper Subject
30/2009-10 Po Leung Kuk - Evolving into a Green Organization
31/2009-10 Funding Application by Office of Service-Learning, Lingnan University: "Waste Management Project for Promoting Green Leaders in Tuen Mun District 2010-2011"
32/2009-10 Nature Conservation Management Agreement Proposals
33/2009-10 Funding Proposal for Continuing to Engage Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund to Provide Support for the Operation of the Buildings Energy Efficiency Funding Schemes
34/2009-10 Three Energy Efficiency Projects Recommended for Final Approval by the ECF Committee
35/2009-10 Progress Report on the Buildings Energy Efficiency Funding Schemes
36/2009-10 Combating Climate Change Campaign of the Environmental Campaign Committee
37/2009-10 Review of the Mechanism for Considering Applications for Research Projects under the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF)