Environment and Conservation Fund Committee  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 10 June 2008

Paper Subject
01/2008-09 Proposed variations to details of ECF funded project
02/2008-09 Project 07/2007 A study of the biodiversity of coral-associated polychaetes in Sharp Island
03/2008-09 Project 08/2007 Environmental education on river remediation and ecological restoration – a case study on Shing Mun River and Lam Tsuen River
04/2008-09 Project 10/2007 Recycling of CRT glass from discarded computer monitors and TV sets
05/2008-09 Project 11/2007 Developing a fully automated close-proximity vehicle for measuring tyre/road noise
06/2008-09 Project 01/2008 Current status and direction for green purchasing in Hong Kong