Environment and Conservation Fund Committee  

List of Papers discussed by ECF Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee on 17 September 2007

Paper Subject
15/2007-08Progress Report of ECF Funded Research Projects
16/2007-08Proposed variation to detail of ECF Funded Research Project
17/2007-08Project 11/2006 - Ecological sustainability of vegetated soil-nailed cutslopes
18/2007-08Project 16/2006 - Development of Recycled Plastic/Bamboo Composite (RPBC) Materials for the Construction Industry
19/2007-08Project 03/2007 - Development of a web-based tool for learning Road Traffic Noise Pollution for Primary Students
20/2007-08Project 06/2007 - Investigation on the feasibility and enhancement methods of wind power utilisation in high-rise buildings of Hong Kong
21/2007-08Project 17/2006 - Wildlife habitat sustainability in Hong Kong under a scenario of climate change
22/2007-08Project 01/2007 - A survey of light pollution in Hong Kong
23/2007-08Project 04/2007 - Stock and ecological status of echinoderms in Hong Kong: evaluation of the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas using sea urchins as model organism