Environment and Conservation Fund Committee  

ECF Committee Discussion Papers on 24 September 2008

Paper Subject
22/2008-09 Public Education Programme for the Policy Framework for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste Project PEP 014 - Save Food Project
23/2008-09 Project 11/2007 - Developing a fully automated Close-Proximity vehicle for measuring tyre/road noise
24/2008-09 Project MW00027 - "Love in Green, Live in Green" Project
25/2008-09 Project MW0036 - Renewable Energy Study Centre in a Green Roof Garden
26/2008-09 Project MW0039A - Saving energy with a Green Roof
27/2008-09 Project MW0052 - Recycling Energy Green House
28/2008-09 Project MW0092 - Laputa in St. Clare's
29/2008-09 Project MW0106 - Hong Kong Science Park Building 20
30/2008-09 Project 1197 - Hong Kong Science Park Building 20 (Interactive Display System)
31/2008-09 Towards a green organization - Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
32/2008-09 Outstanding discussion items from the Brainstorming Session held on 26.4.2008