Public Education Programme under the "Policy Framework" for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste (2005-2014)"  

Project Proponent Project Title
Student Development Office, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Morrison Hill) Education Project of Municipal Solid Waste Management
Office of Service-Learning, Lingnan University Waste Management Project for Promoting Green Leaders in Tuen Mun District 2010-2011
Greeners Action Say No to Newspaper Bags
St. Francis of Assisi's College Operation Abandon Plastic Bags
Green Sense Plastic Bags - Regenerating by Reuse and Recycle
Hong Kong Retail Management Association "Every Day No Plastic Bag - BYOB" Campaign
Long Ping Estate Resident Service Centre Street Campaign for Distributing and Exhibiting Reusable Bags
Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Yau College Community Integrity - Fewer Disposable Bags
Greeners Action Plastic Shopping Bag Levy, You should know
Friends of the Earth (HK) E-led Life
Tai Po Environmental Association (TPEA) Advanced Recycling Community (ARC)
Greeners Action Weekly No Plastic Bag Day at Pharmacies
Greeners Action Hong Kong Plastic Bag 3R Campaign
Greeners Action Save Food Project
Tai Po Environmental Association (TPEA) Amazing Journey of Waste
Caritas Hong Kong Computer Printers, Scanners and Accessories (PSA) Collection, Reuse and Recycle Campaign 2008
Tai Po Environmental Association (TPEA) Green Rural Waste Reduction Scheme
Green Council Establishment of the Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter (HKGPC) with an Accompanying Awareness Raising Programme
Green Sense Green Festival
Greeners Action Be Green, Use Bags Properly