Energy Efficiency Projects  

The objective of the Programme was to encourage existing building owners to carry out alteration, addition or improvement works to upgrade the energy efficiency performance of building services installations for communal use in residential, commercial, industrial buildings or composite buildings comprising any two of these three types of establishments. Building services installations covered in the Programme include lighting, electrical, air-conditioning and lift and escalator installations.

Application Number Name of Estate / Building Approved Amount
EEP0004 Ocean Shores HK$2,399,256
EEP0005 Peninsula Centre HK$500,000
EEP0007 Tin Shing Court / Ting Shing Shopping Centre HK$913,860
EEP0008 Shun Chi Court (Lighting) HK$444,291
EEP0011 Hermes Commercial Centre HK$500,000
EEP0013 Seaview Crescent HK$309,606
EEP0014 Po Pui Court HK$826,650
EEP0016 Dynasty Heights HK$324,270
EEP0017 Royal Ascot HK$451,118
EEP0018 Sun Yuen Long Centre HK$130,040
EEP0027 YOHO Town, Tower 7 HK$313,728
EEP0029 Kam Lung Court HK$190,230
EEP0030 Hanford Garden HK$843,293
EEP0032 Shui On Centre HK$92,932
EEP0033 Cheung Wah Estate HK$2,047,715
EEP0036 Perth Apartments HK$26,240
EEP0037 Villa by the Park HK$135,855
EEP0038 Bauhinia Garden (Tower 1 - 8, Carpark Building & Commercial Centre) HK$560,706
EEP0040 Kornhill Gardens, Block 1 - 10 HK$427,440
EEP0041 Kornhill, Block A - D HK$51,660
EEP0042 Kornhill, Block E - G HK$33,600
EEP0043 Kornhill, Block H HK$8,610
EEP0044 Kornhill, Block J - M HK$31,710
EEP0045 Kornhill, Block N - R HK$48,930
EEP0047 Heng On Estate (Heng Kong House, Heng Shan House, Heng Fung House & Heng Hoi House) HK$2,000,000
EEP0048 Heng On Estate (Heng Yat House, Heng Yuet House & Heng Sing House) HK$1,500,000
EEP0049 Oscar by the Sea HK$977,226
EEP0050 Noble Hill HK$316,305
EEP0054 Grand Palisades HK$122,270
EEP0055 Beacon Heights HK$251,850
EEP0058 Mayfair Gardens HK$295,450
EEP0059 Aegean Coast(Lighting) HK$481,033
EEP0060 Come On Building HK$89,550
EEP0061 Swiss Towers HK$139,315
EEP0062 On Fook Industrial Building HK$212,500
EEP0063 Wing Fok Centre HK$598,920
EEP0064 Park Island HK$218,237
EEP0065 Tsing Yi Estate HK$192,141
EEP0067 Affluence Garden HK$605,180
EEP0069 Hin Keng Estate HK$1,549,210
EEP0070 Tsui Chuk Garden HK$633,000
EEP0073 The Cliveden HK$487,075
EEP0076 Hong Lam Court HK$443,235
EEP0077 Sky Garden HK$79,370
EEP0078 Keybond Commercial Building HK$34,775
EEP0079 Ying Fuk Court (Power) HK$26,000
EEP0080 Ying Fuk Court (Lighting) HK$71,000
EEP0081 Sorrento HK$157,963
EEP0082 Island Harbourview(Lighting) HK$601,295
EEP0083 Hong Yat Court (5 Buildings) (Power) HK$50,640
EEP0084 Hong Yat Court (5 Buildings) (Lighting) HK$129,000
EEP0085 Neptune Terrace HK$413,085
EEP0086 Fung Tak Estate HK$3,377,215
EEP0088 Greenfield Garden, Blocks 1 - 11 HK$509,635
EEP0089 Nelson Court HK$60,100
EEP0090 Tak Tin Estate HK$238,900
EEP0092 No. 37 Repulse Bay Road HK$85,350
EEP0093 Welland Building HK$38,900
EEP0094 Hong Kong Plaza HK$164,230
EEP0095 Ginza Plaza HK$36,445
EEP0096 Hong Tak Gardens HK$196,100
EEP0097 Grand Promenade HK$744,300
EEP0098 Nam Cheong Estate (Cheong On House, Cheong Chung House, Cheong Yin House, Cheong Him House, Cheong Shun House, Cheong Yat House & Cheong Chit House) HK$58,435
EEP0099 La Costa HK$129,588
EEP0100 Hiu Tsui Court HK$368,245
EEP0102 Fuk Keung Industrial Building HK$45,314
EEP0107 Wilshire Towers (Blocks A, B & C) HK$868,950
EEP0108 Dragon Court (Block A, B & C) HK$1,500,000
EEP0109 Woodland Crest HK$1,127,858
EEP0110 Tsz Oi Court (Phase 1 & 2) HK$1,070,664
EEP0112 Bauhinia Garden HK$175,860
EEP0113 Skyline Tower HK$71,175
EEP0115 Greenview Court HK$515,965
EEP0116 Tsui Wan Estate HK$646,690
EEP0118 On Ning Garden HK$591,360
EEP0119 Covent Garden HK$63,468
EEP0120 Park Side Villa (Air-conditioning) HK$350,000
EEP0121 Park Side Villa (Electrical) HK$127,843
EEP0122 Greenery Place HK$82,569
EEP0123 Crystal Park HK$68,299
EEP0132 18 Farm Road HK$52,195
EEP0133 Park Central HK$325,600
EEP0134 Yuen Long Yee Fung Garden HK$317,129
EEP0135 San Wai Court (Block A - F) HK$56,355
EEP0136 Sceneway Garden HK$809,312
EEP0138 Harry Industrial Building HK$39,937
EEP0139 Eden Gardens HK$13,425
EEP0140 Glamour Garden HK$10,510
EEP0141 Grandeur Garden HK$69,840
EEP0148 Ming Wah Industrial Building HK$67,987.5
EEP0155 Wah Lok Industrial Centre HK$103,713
EEP0156 Hong Leong Industrial Building HK$67,450
EEP0166 The Parcville HK$846,568
EEP0169 Mei Chung Court HK$449,990
EEP0170 Wing Fat Industrial Building HK$40,396
EEP0174 Camelot Heights HK$29,845
EEP0175 Beverly Villas HK$136,535
EEP0176 Genius Court HK$139,730
EEP0177 Bel Air Heights HK$139,238
EEP0184 Forest Hill HK$652,101
EEP0186 Dawning Views HK$643,430
EEP0187 Yue Shing Court HK$9,545
EEP0188 Kwai Hong Court HK$81,510
EEP0189 Effort Industrial Building HK$14,605
EEP0191 Yip Fung Industrial Building HK$24,680
EEP0194 Wealthy Industrial Building HK$87,650
EEP0209 Shatin Heights HK$69,755
EEP0210 Pristine Villa HK$297,736
EEP0212 Block 1 - 8, East Point City (Residential) HK$249,534
EEP0213 Kam Hay Court HK$32,340
EEP0216 Villa Premiere HK$94,335
EEP0217 Kut Fat Building HK$54,720
EEP0218 Hing Fat House HK$8,883
EEP0219 Grand Del So HK$294,691
EEP0220 Cheung Fat Building HK$5,228
EEP0221 Cheong Fat Building HK$32,978
EEP0222 Hill Lodge HK$11,940
EEP0223 Scenery Court HK$38,130
EEP0226 Fu Cheung Centre HK$100,328
EEP0227 Haribest Industrial Building HK$63,345
EEP0233 Waldorf Garden HK$44,282
EEP0234 Serenade Cove HK$282,863
EEP0240 Botania Villa HK$744,451
EEP0243 Ficus Garden HK$84,184
EEP0244 Fortune House HK$14,120
EEP0250 Tai Ping Industrial Centre, Block 4 (Lighting) HK$45,733
EEP0254 Cheung On Estate HK$2,833,000
EEP0255 Mountain Lodge HK$122,900
EEP0257 Grandiose HK$211,793
EEP0258 Telford Gardens HK$1,559,300
EEP0259 Southview Villas HK$8,145
EEP0260 Kwong Fuk Place HK$52,530
EEP0261 Tai Ping Industrial Centre Block 1 HK$332,250
EEP0264 Pierhead Garden HK$145,694
EEP0266 Metro Town HK$384,500
EEP0267 New Commerce Centre HK$432,680
EEP0272 Seymour Place HK$68,075
EEP0273 Monmouth Place HK$57,375
EEP0276 Perth Garden HK$251,585
EEP0279 Liberte HK$891,450
EEP0284 Yee Nga Court HK$547,575
EEP0286 Hilltop HK$500,000
EEP0287 Hanley Villa HK$903,100
EEP0291 Hing Wai Centre HK$500,000
EEP0292 La Cite Noble HK$731,792
EEP0294 Golden Lion Garden Stage 2 HK$216,950
EEP0299 Tsin Yi Garden HK$134,256
EEP0300 Granville Garden HK$671,185
EEP0301 Yee On Court HK$1,473,100
EEP0303 Metro City Phase II HK$1,449,608
EEP0304 King's Park Hill HK$231,725
EEP0305 Tsuen Wan Plaza - Resident HK$126,095
EEP0312 Grand Waterfront HK$476,614
EEP0313 One SilverSea HK$264,528
EEP0314 Jasper Court HK$91,180
EEP0315 Baycrest HK$444,605
EEP0318 Grandview Garden HK$49,695
EEP0319 Hollywood Terrace HK$123,270
EEP0320 King's Park Villa HK$390,535
EEP0321 Hong Nga Court (Block A to C) HK$294,038
EEP0322 Bayshore Towers HK$175,600
EEP0323 The Leighton Hill HK$1,222,320
EEP0325 Wai Wah Court HK$239,471
EEP0334 Majestic Park HK$306,341
EEP0335 Metropolis Plaza HK$398,280
EEP0338 Po Sing Centre HK$209,177
EEP0341 The Metropolis HK$208,589
EEP0343 Broadview Court HK$493,115
EEP0344 Tseung Kwan O Plaza(Lighting) HK$257,480
EEP0346 Grand Millennium Plaza HK$58,045
EEP0349 Central Heights HK$81,730
EEP0350 Park Central - Tower 12 HK$36,750
EEP0351 Laguna Verde HK$583,136
EEP0356 Hiu Lai Court HK$833,400
EEP0359 Regent-on-the-Park HK$1,420,000
EEP0360 Emerald Garden HK$22,570
EEP0363 Talon Tower HK$41,668
EEP0365 Chai Wan Industrial City Phase I HK$29,310
EEP0366 Chai Wan Industrial City Phase II HK$29,500
EEP0367 Heng Shan Centre HK$36,310
EEP0368 Kam Hing Building HK$10,088
EEP0373 South Horizons (Lighting) HK$1,597,277
EEP0374 South Horizons (Air-conditioning) HK$621,840
EEP0375 Yung Shing Court (Yung Wai House, Yung Sui House, Yung Wa House) HK$31,050
EEP0376 Jade Plaza HK$73,625
EEP0377 Wonderland Villas HK$1,272,510
EEP0378 Greenwood Terrace HK$426,425
EEP0381 Lei Tung Estate HK$2,602,820
EEP0384 Shatin-33 HK$40,375
EEP0385 Wah Lai Mansion HK$23,500
EEP0387 Fung Shing Court HK$771,395
EEP0390 Fu Fai Garden HK$303,000
EEP0391 Vista Paradiso HK$500,457
EEP0398 Celeste Court HK$98,000
EEP0418 Palm Springs HK$466,440
EEP0420 Villa Tiara HK$218,330
EEP0421 Royal Palms HK$506,070
EEP0422 Choi Po Court HK$843,610
EEP0425 Castello HK$653,410
EEP0432 Bayview Garden HK$175,900
EEP0433 No. 8 Waterloo Road HK$152,815
EEP0434 South Horizons (Lighting - Carpark) HK$840,780
EEP0437 Grand Horizon HK$305,840
EEP0438 Chi Fu Fa Yuen HK$1,781,050
EEP0443 Wing Hong Centre HK$143,515
EEP0449 South Horizons (Air-conditioning - Plant C) HK$1,226,340
EEP0450 South Horizons (Air-conditioning - Plant D) HK$1,240,590
EEP0451 Kwong Sang Hong Building, Blocks C & D HK$26,040
EEP0452 Lok Nga Court HK$544,630
EEP0453 Cayman Rise HK$117,500
EEP0455 Yu Tung Court HK$380,928
EEP0461 Braemar Hill Mansions HK$543,805
EEP0464 Cascades HK$90,030
EEP0468 Park Belvedere HK$106,645
EEP0469 Sunshine Grove HK$124,270
EEP0473 The Harbourside HK$404,145
EEP0475 Island Place Tower HK$100,000
EEP0477 Kam Fai Garden HK$33,050
EEP0478 Aqua Blue HK$217,025
EEP0480 Siu Kwai Court HK$773,060
EEP0482 Laguna City, Phase 1, 2 & 4 HK$460,750
EEP0484 Siu On Court HK$142,800
EEP0485 Tung Chung Crescent HK$198,100
EEP0486 Tung Chong Factory Building HK$40,435
EEP0487 The Regalia HK$156,595
EEP0488 Kaiser Estate (Phase 1, 2, 3) HK$192,268
EEP0490 Tai Wo Estate HK$850,285
EEP0492 Tai Sang Building HK$440,300
EEP0493 Ocean View HK$169,350
EEP0494 Hoplite Industrial Centre HK$34,550
EEP0498 Hung Hom Mansion HK$500,000
EEP0505 Academic Terrace HK$274,360
EEP0506 Manor Centre HK$687,820
EEP0509 Lakeside Garden HK$71,490
EEP0517 Bel Mount Garden HK$82,430
EEP0518 Euro Trade Centre HK$154,830
EEP0519 South China Building HK$57,923
EEP0520 The Chinese Club Building HK$42,330
EEP0522 Beverly Garden HK$2,518,600
EEP0524 Ho Ming Court HK$59,194
EEP0531 Grandview Garden HK$248,485
EEP0532 Citibank Plaza (Citibank Tower / ICBC Tower / Podium Carpark) HK$246,462
EEP0533 Peridot Court HK$91,243
EEP0534 Taikoo Shing, On Shing Terrace (G/F and Podium) HK$21,453
EEP0535 Lippo Centre HK$1,000,000
EEP0537 Villa Athena HK$665,555
EEP0538 Tsuen Kam Centre HK$20,855
EEP0539 Sino Centre HK$17,980
EEP0540 Tanner Garden HK$295,365
EEP0545 Cheung On Estate (Lighting) HK$2,812,725
EEP0546 Belair Gardens HK$1,907,000
EEP0547 Royal Sea Crest HK$83,620
EEP0548 Grand Dynasty View HK$95,261
EEP0549 Lascar Court HK$49,980
EEP0553 Garfield Court HK$25,466
EEP0554 Mount Beacon HK$61,845
EEP0555 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage II HK$629,678
EEP0556 Jade Plaza HK$392,000
EEP0558 Southeast Industrial Building HK$201,352
EEP0560 San Po Kong Plaza HK$99,500
EEP0561 Harmony Garden HK$265,635
EEP0563 Chelsea Heights Phase 1 & Phase 2 HK$257,720
EEP0564 Maritime Bay HK$149,733
EEP0565 Siu Hong Court (Phase 3 & 4) HK$1,244,920
EEP0572 King Shan Court HK$671,550
EEP0573 Sorrento (Lighting, Lift & Escalator) HK$411,835
EEP0574 Whampoa Plaza, Whampoa Garden (Phase 12) HK$846,200
EEP0578 Tai Ping Estate (Ping Chi House, Ping Ching House, Ping Hay House and Ping Yee House) HK$250,060
EEP0579 The Arch HK$130,074
EEP0580 Kingsford Industrial Building HK$101,668
EEP0581 Wang Cheung Industrial Building HK$9,396
EEP0583 Tivoli Garden HK$43,985
EEP0584 Constellation Cove HK$119,895
EEP0585 Jubilant Place HK$128,455
EEP0586 Cheung Fat Industrial Building HK$359,875
EEP0587 Shatin Plaza HK$49,053
EEP0591 Riviera Mansion HK$500,000
EEP0593 Fu Fai Garden (Lighting) HK$292,000
EEP0594 Sunderland Garden HK$91,890
EEP0601 Scenic Garden HK$1,000,000
EEP0605 Aquamarine Garden HK$52,768
EEP0606 Harbour Centre Tower 2 HK$111,888
EEP0607 Guardforce Centre HK$130,980
EEP0609 Tower 2, Metroplaza (Level 22 Lobby & Level 7 - Level 46) HK$88,650
EEP0610 Harbour Green HK$45,530
EEP0611 Siu Hong Court (Phase 1 & 2, Blocks A - I) HK$515,630
EEP0613 Cavendish Heights (Block 1 - 7) HK$308,790
EEP0614 Cavendish Heights (Block 8) HK$25,569
EEP0616 Tin Hung Building HK$366,550
EEP0617 Langham Place (Office Tower) HK$500,000
EEP0619 Po Lam Estate HK$2,831,615
EEP0620 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage I HK$712,055
EEP0623 Waterfront HK$224,640
EEP0624 Hang Tsui Court HK$221,890
EEP0625 Liberte HK$477,275
EEP0626 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage III HK$11,556,000
EEP0630 Hing Fuk House, Hing Kok House, Hing Lok House and Hing Yat House HK$232,247
EEP0631 Sunshine City Phase 4 Block E - M HK$525,895
EEP0634 Jade Terrace HK$47,690
EEP0635 Harbour Centre Tower 1 HK$203,500
EEP0638 Ching Lai Court HK$2,337,557
EEP0639 Fuk Hong Industrial Building HK$309,000
EEP0640 Golden Bear Industrial Centre HK$222,500
EEP0641 Allway Gardens HK$120,245
EEP0643 Scenic Gardens HK$219,805
EEP0644 Kam Tai Court HK$3,317,350
EEP0645 Pacific Trade Centre HK$458,241
EEP0649 May Tower 1 HK$320,000
EEP0651 Fook Yip Building HK$187,000
EEP0653 Fu Kar Court HK$69,205
EEP0654 Carrie Court HK$182,800
EEP0655 Parc Oasis (T26-T33) HK$151,025
EEP0656 Fu Shin Estate HK$980,485
EEP0658 Century Tower HK$500,000
EEP0660 Vista Paradiso (Pump) HK$1,339,100
EEP0668 Wei Chien Court, Wyler Garden HK$3,822,626
EEP0669 Choi Ming Court HK$2,158,385
EEP0671 Siu Lun Court HK$784,340
EEP0673 Fine Mansion HK$326,990
EEP0675 Heng Sang Factory Building HK$275,625
EEP0676 Ting King Estate (Lighting) HK$314,415
EEP0677 Peral City Mansion HK$1,150,135
EEP0678 Tai Tak Industrial Building HK$22,937
EEP0679 Eastland Heights HK$33,585
EEP0681 Tsuen King Garden, Phase I (car-park) HK$36,425
EEP0682 Ka Keung Court HK$351,591
EEP0683 Southorn Garden HK$75,580
EEP0684 Dragonfair Garden HK$144,445
EEP0685 Classical Gardens II HK$64,773
EEP0687 Kenyon Court HK$396,120
EEP0689 Scenecliff HK$118,550
EEP0690 Lynwood Court, Kingswood Villas HK$795,825
EEP0691 Lung Mun Oasis HK$1,163,090
EEP0694 Allway Gardens (lighting) HK$166,060
EEP0695 Serenity Park II HK$58,374
EEP0696 Johnston Building HK$103,400
EEP0699 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage III (Lighting) HK$771,805
EEP0700 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage IV (Lighting) HK$268,820
EEP0701 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage V (Lighting) HK$657,455
EEP0703 The Cresent HK$135,985
EEP0704 Tin Fu Court HK$1,190,890
EEP0705 Parkland Villas HK$428,660
EEP0706 Shaukeiwan Plaza HK$77,710
EEP0707 Felicity Garden HK$77,680
EEP0708 Hongway Garden HK$13,247
EEP0709 Fortress Metor Tower HK$43,875
EEP0711 Causeway Bay Commercial Building HK$407,500
EEP0714 Wah Sing Industrial Building HK$28,000
EEP0715 King Shing Court HK$650,460
EEP0717 Aegean Coast HK$171,990
EEP0718 Marple Court HK$12,881
EEP0719 Park Royale HK$190,125
EEP0725 Broadview Garden HK$146,300
EEP0726 Meadowlands HK$485,028
EEP0731 Way Man Court HK$462,000
EEP0737 Grosvenor Place HK$73,785
EEP0739 The Colonnade HK$124,900
EEP0753 East Asia Harbour View Center HK$86,025
EEP0754 Bellagio (Phase 1 & 2) HK$869,723
EEP0765 Scenic Rise HK$76,675
EEP0768 Sum Way Mansion HK$392,500
EEP0770 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage VI (Lighting) HK$690,493
EEP0771 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage VIII (Lighting) HK$521,050
EEP0772 Golden Sunflower Industrial Building HK$240,000
EEP0774 Chai Wan Industrial Centre HK$458,550
EEP0775 Park Place HK$205,780
EEP0777 Selwyn Factory Building HK$81,500
EEP0778 Woodview Court HK$58,500
EEP0788 Tai Ping Industrial Centre, Block 4 HK$14,500
EEP0789 Tung Tau Esatae II HK$1,583,040
EEP0790 Les Saisons HK$425,710
EEP0794 Prat Mansion HK$571,000
EEP0795 Kenswood Court, Kingswood Villas HK$1,258,423
EEP0796 Tai Hang Terrace HK$892,500
EEP0798 Han Yu Building HK$323,568
EEP0799 Springfield Garden HK$18,480
EEP0801 Emerald Palace HK$181,215
EEP0802 Prosperous Garden (Block 1) HK$76,503
EEP0803 Prosperous Garden (Block 2) HK$76,498
EEP0806 Residence Bel-Air South Tower(Phase2) HK$159,500
EEP0808 Chuk Yuen North Estate HK$3,320,000
EEP0811 Parc Royale (Lighting) HK$523,515
EEP0813 Kam Wah Garden HK$22,330
EEP0814 South Seas Centre HK$1,000,000
EEP0815 New Mandarin Plaza HK$1,000,000
EEP0816 Ewan Court HK$244,000
EEP0817 Scholastic Garden HK$238,942
EEP0821 The Paragon HK$140,850
EEP0822 Royal Peninsula HK$560,178
EEP0823 Regentville HK$250,151
EEP0825 Malibu Garden HK$201,432
EEP0827 Hong Pak Court HK$1,081,790
EEP0829 Laguna City, Phase 3 HK$173,550
EEP0830 Fairway Garden HK$1,347,710
EEP0832 Fu Keung Court Blocks D-F HK$151,400
EEP0834 Caribbean Coast HK$1,230,166
EEP0835 Luk Yeung Sun Chuen HK$2,559,600
EEP0836 Yue Man Centre HK$159,195
EEP0837 Tierra Verde HK$170,233
EEP0838 Chartered Bank Building HK$188,750
EEP0839 Nan Fung Sun Chuen HK$482,620
EEP0840 Sea Crest Villa Phase I HK$482,815
EEP0841 Illumination Terrace HK$563,215
EEP0844 Tai Kut House HK$167,400
EEP0846 222, 222A & 224 Prince Edward Road HK$299,000
EEP0848 On Hing Mansion HK$228,700
EEP0852 City One Shatin (Lighting) HK$156,975
EEP0854 Regency Park HK$216,070
EEP0855 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage VI (Lift & Escalator) HK$5,200,000
EEP0856 Lung Cheung Villa HK$58,292
EEP0858 Heng On Estate (Lighting) HK$988,905
EEP0861 Tung Tai Building HK$213,900
EEP0862 Laguna Verde (Others) HK$48,790
EEP0864 Fleming Building HK$219,000
EEP0865 NOB Hill HK$482,043
EEP0866 The Apex HK$418,252
EEP0867 Saddle Ridge Garden (Lighting) HK$776,410
EEP0868 Highland Park HK$467,550
EEP0869 Wing Hong Mansion HK$257,400
EEP0875 Ka Tin Court (Block A- F) HK$249,685
EEP0876 Tseung Kwan O Plaza HK$2,441,800
EEP0878 Valiant Industrial Centre (Lighting) HK$128,545
EEP0879 Coastal Skyline (Lighting) HK$576,420
EEP0882 Greenfields Block 1 and 2 HK$177,088
EEP0885 BLK 1-3, Pictorial Garden Phase I HK$258,110
EEP0886 Saddle Ridge Garden (Electrical) HK$407,300
EEP0888 Maywood Court, Kingswood Villas HK$784,597
EEP0889 Prosperity Court HK$34,390
EEP0890 Pok Hong Estate HK$769,720
EEP0891 Riviera Gardens HK$473,600
EEP0892 Blessings Garden Phase 2 HK$284,800
EEP0894 South Wave Court (Block 1,2,3) HK$314,126
EEP0896 Portion A and B of Ning Yeung Terrace HK$71,400
EEP0897 Hung Wu Building HK$103,400
EEP0898 East Commercial Block HK$34,180
EEP0899 Carpark of East Commercial Block HK$67,634
EEP0901 Kam Chung Fty. Building HK$210,000
EEP0902 Mayson Garden Building HK$369,832
EEP0905 Lai Chi Kok Bay Garden HK$114,964
EEP0906 Palace Garden HK$318,400
EEP0908 Shun Lee Building Block B HK$269,450
EEP0909 Block F, Site 1, Aberdeen Centre (Lighting) HK$56,469
EEP0910 Block F, Site 1, Aberdeen Centre (Lift & Escalator) HK$337,500
EEP0911 Block E, Site 1, Aberdeen Centre (Lighting) HK$56,270
EEP0912 Block E, Site 1, Aberdeen Centre (Lift & Escalator) HK$337,500
EEP0913 Block G, Site 1, Aberdeen Centre (Lighting) HK$56,726
EEP0914 Block G, Site 1, Aberdeen Centre (Lift & Escalator) HK$337,500
EEP0915 Block H, Site 1, Aberdeen Centre (Lighting) HK$56,742
EEP0916 Block H, Site 1, Aberdeen Centre (Lift & Escalator) HK$337,500
EEP0917 Block I, Site 1, Aberdeen Centre (Lighting) HK$57,451
EEP0918 Block I, Site 1, Aberdeen Centre (Lift & Escalator) HK$337,500
EEP0919 Block J, Site 1, Aberdeen Centre (Lighting) HK$74,214
EEP0920 Block J, Site 1, Aberdeen Centre (Lift & Escalator) HK$337,500
EEP0922 Block S/T/U, Site 3, Aberdeen Centre (Lift & Escalator) HK$675,750
EEP0923 Block A/B/C/D, Site 4, Aberdeen Centre (Lighting) HK$289,120
EEP0924 Block A/B/C/D, Site 4, Aberdeen Centre (Lift & Escalator) HK$1,342,500
EEP0925 Block K/L/M/N, Site 5, Aberdeen Centre (Lighting) HK$290,325
EEP0926 Block K/L/M/N, Site 5, Aberdeen Centre (Lift & Escalator) HK$1,342,500
EEP0927 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage V (Lift & Escalator) HK$4,800,000
EEP0929 One, Two and Three Island Place HK$369,935
EEP0930 Residence Bel-Air (Phase 1) & Residence Bel-Air South Tower (Phase 2) & Bel-Air On the Peak (Phase 4) & Bel-Air No.8 (Phase 6) HK$663,095
EEP0933 Hang Wai Industrial Centre HK$712,500
EEP0934 Kam Din Terrace (Stage 4), Taikoo Shing HK$3,022,500
EEP0935 Venice Gardens HK$133,621
EEP0937 Wing Hing Industrial Building HK$108,650
EEP0939 Lok Moon Mansion HK$53,495
EEP0943 Sunningdale Garden HK$334,025
EEP0944 South Horizons (Lighting - security control room) HK$120,396
EEP0945 Laguna Verde (Pump) HK$784,860
EEP0948 Waterfront South HK$174,190
EEP0949 Siu Hei Court HK$618,105
EEP0952 City Garden (lift & escalator) HK$4,327,500
EEP0953 Wellington Place (lift & escalator) HK$87,500
EEP0956 Yuet Chui Court HK$205,170
EEP0957 South Ocean Building HK$189,700
EEP0958 Pacific View HK$490,740
EEP0959 Ville de Cascade HK$49,145
EEP0960 La Clare Mansion HK$384,500
EEP0961 Lung Chak House, Lung Fung House, Lung Tat House, Lung Yat House, Lung Yue House, Lung Hong House, Lung Shun House, Lung Wing House & Lung Wah House HK$2,584,900
EEP0963 Kin Sang Estate HK$1,136,840
EEP0964 Dragon Industrial Building HK$230,325
EEP0969 Convention Plaza Apartments HK$208,025
EEP0971 Cheong Hung Mansion HK$196,750
EEP0972 166 &168 Ma Tau Wai Road HK$125,000
EEP0973 Tung Tau Estate II (Lift & escalator) HK$137,625
EEP0977 Yu Chau Building HK$80,000
EEP0978 Harbour Place HK$634,150
EEP0980 Mee Wah Building HK$206,500
EEP0983 Island Harbourview HK$202,780
EEP0985 The Astoria HK$38,800
EEP0987 Mai Luen Industrial Building HK$272,205
EEP0988 Cheerful Garden HK$429,520
EEP0989 Yuk Ming Court HK$1,046,860
EEP0990 Tsui Man Court HK$57,225
EEP0991 The Victoria Towers HK$496,633
EEP0992 Seaview Commercial Building HK$121,973
EEP0996 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage I (lift & escalator) HK$5,600,000
EEP0997 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage II (lift & escalator) HK$5,600,000
EEP0998 Cheung On Estate (pumps) HK$299,500
EEP1000 Cavendish Heights (Block 1 - 7) (Air-conditioning) HK$500,000
EEP1002 Pao Yip Building HK$103,000
EEP1006 Wah Kwai Estate HK$1,111,551
EEP1007 Tuen Mun Tai Hing Gardens, Phase I HK$1,483,600
EEP1009 Man Lok Building (lift & escalator) HK$255,000
EEP1010 Fairlane Tower HK$84,400
EEP1012 Villa Esplanada (lighting - residential blocks, club house & carpark) HK$3,789,775
EEP1015 Ficus Garden (lift & escalator) HK$249,300
EEP1016 Tsuen King Garden, Phase I HK$230,780
EEP1019 Broadview Terrace HK$60,845
EEP1021 Whampoa Garden Site 1 HK$244,565
EEP1023 Grandville HK$1,214,525
EEP1024 Sereno Verde HK$295,673
EEP1025 Kai Yee Court HK$17,340
EEP1029 Hip Hing Mansion, HK$111,900
EEP1031 South Sea Apartment HK$257,500
EEP1034 8 Clear Water Bay Road HK$19,500
EEP1037 Queen's Terrace HK$706,860
EEP1038 The Merton HK$235,775
EEP1042 United Centre HK$242,235
EEP1043 Kinglet Industrial Building HK$29,500
EEP1044 Maylun Apartments HK$33,530
EEP1045 Shield Industrial Centre, HK$447,500
EEP1046 The Apex (lighting-LED) HK$287,400
EEP1047 Hong Kong Parkview HK$1,480,250
EEP1048 Le Palais HK$103,925
EEP1050 Sky Tower HK$541,070
EEP1051 Kwong Yuen Estate HK$1,471,000
EEP1052 Whampoa Garden Site 5 HK$398,977
EEP1054 Whampoa Garden, Site 10 HK$255,739
EEP1056 Grand Promenade (lighting) HK$596,555
EEP1057 South Horizons (Lighting - club house) HK$210,233
EEP1058 Hung Yan Building HK$45,778
EEP1059 Whampoa Garden Site 11 HK$953,821
EEP1060 Ever Gain Plaza HK$538,949
EEP1062 Kowloon Station NDCA HK$21,665
EEP1063 Hung Yan Building (lift & escalator) HK$176,300
EEP1064 Yan Shing Court HK$65,140
EEP1067 Capitol HK$316,265
EEP1068 Royal Jubilee HK$234,860
EEP1069 Seaview Crescent HK$362,200
EEP1072 Hing Tin Estate HK$990,500
EEP1075 Wing Ying Building HK$117,400
EEP1076 Grand Regentville HK$354,598.5
EEP1077 Sham Wan Towers HK$179,950
EEP1078 Cheong Fat Building (lift & escalator) HK$174,500
EEP1080 Sunshine Grove (air-conditioning) HK$480,470
EEP1081 Kadak Building HK$249,300
EEP1082 Whampoa Garden Site 4 HK$362,626
EEP1083 Scenic View HK$232,480
EEP1084 Ko Chun Court HK$165,000
EEP1085 Laguna Verde (Air-conditioning) HK$121,350
EEP1086 On Lok Yuen Building HK$36,345
EEP1087 Fuk Tsun Factory Building HK$175,500
EEP1088 Harrison Court HK$761,100
EEP1091 Grandway Garden HK$240,190
EEP1092 Clague Garden Estate HK$309,000
EEP1093 Cheong Shing Court HK$1,243,410
EEP1095 Chelsea Court, Energy Efficiecny Project HK$266,775
EEP1096 Caroline Garden HK$37,250
EEP1098 Metro Harbour View HK$1,416,010
EEP1099 Fully Building HK$336,000
EEP1100 Summit Court (Blocks A, B, C & D) HK$621,000
EEP1102 Happy Garden HK$191,300
EEP1103 Belgravia Heights HK$62,230
EEP1106 Yick Kwan House HK$8,795
EEP1108 Sunning Mansion HK$359,500
EEP1109 Honiton Building HK$186,500
EEP1111 Sam Ying Building HK$6,768
EEP1112 King Yip Building HK$4,755
EEP1114 Tsui Ning Garden HK$2,380,500
EEP1116 Sea View Estate - Block A HK$345,450
EEP1117 Sea View Estate - Block B HK$500,000
EEP1118 Sea View Estate - Block C HK$500,000
EEP1120 Golden Bear Industrial Centre(Lift) HK$216,750
EEP1122 City One Shatin (Block 1-52 Lighting) HK$212,860
EEP1124 Villa by the Park (lighting - LED) HK$496,795
EEP1125 The Cairnhill HK$609,110
EEP1126 Lai Shing Garden HK$115,195
EEP1127 World Fair Court HK$59,815
EEP1128 Blessings Garden Phase 1 HK$195,690
EEP1135 Lippo Sun Plaza HK$351,090
EEP1137 Dragon Centre HK$78,640
EEP1138 Smithfield Terrace HK$175,544
EEP1139 Fulrich Garden HK$698,000
EEP1140 Le Palais (lighting - LED) HK$113,690
EEP1141 Lee Ka Industrial Building HK$369,700
EEP1144 Victoria Heights HK$87,860
EEP1145 Ming Nga Court HK$157,400
EEP1146 Well On Garden HK$314,900
EEP1149 Full Yau Court HK$21,018
EEP1151 Enterprise Square Three HK$397,775
EEP1152 Vianni Cove HK$117,359
EEP1153 Kwan Lee Building HK$125,500
EEP1154 The Cullinan(Lighting) HK$221,470
EEP1155 Wing Sing Court HK$22,200
EEP1156 Royal Knoll HK$78,500
EEP1158 Bel Air Heights (lighting - lift lobby) HK$36,850
EEP1159 Seaview Crescent (lighting - roof & refuge floor) HK$103,155
EEP1160 Nicholson Tower HK$146,192
EEP1161 Pictorial Garden Phase 3 HK$318,725
EEP1162 Sky One HK$128,538
EEP1164 Eldo Court (residential) HK$196,855
EEP1166 Kornhill Gardens, Block 1-10 (rear staircases) HK$226,750
EEP1167 Neptune Terrace (lift & escalator) HK$1,500,000
EEP1169 Chi Lok Fa Yuen HK$2,268,900
EEP1171 The Somerset HK$500,000
EEP1173 Central Park & Park Avenue (LED - residential lift lobbies) HK$43,000
EEP1174 Central Park & Park Avenue (T5 - residential floor staircases) HK$401,963
EEP1175 Central Park & Park Avenue (T5 - residential refuse room) HK$273,588
EEP1176 Perth Garden (air-conditioning) HK$1,392,500
EEP1178 Yen Fu Mansion HK$492,100
EEP1181 Hong Sing Garden (lighting+AC) HK$306,238
EEP1182 Smithfield Court HK$906,700
EEP1183 King Tak Terrace HK$132,300
EEP1184 Sea View Estate - Block A (A3 & A4 lift) HK$345,450
EEP1185 Sea View Estate - Block B (B4, B5 & B6 lift) HK$500,000
EEP1186 Sea View Estate - Block B (B7 & B8 lift) HK$345,450
EEP1187 On Lok Yuen Building (lift & escalator) HK$500,000
EEP1190 Greenpark Villa HK$252,270
EEP1191 Royal Peninsula (lighting & AC - residential block & carpark) HK$2,280,450
EEP1194 Wing On Plaza HK$181,950
EEP1195 Residence Bel-Air (Phase 1) & Bel-Air Rise (Phase 3) & Bel-Air On the Peak (Phase 4) & Bel-Air No.8 (Phase 6) HK$93,993
EEP1196 Kenswood Court, Kingswood Villas (lighting - club house) HK$116,316
EEP1198 King Lam Estate (King Yung House & King Yu House) HK$800,500
EEP1199 Midland Centre HK$724,750
EEP1200 Port Centre HK$35,882
EEP1201 Emerald Garden (lift & escalator) HK$239,900
EEP1202 New Kwai Fong Gardens (lightling) HK$447,693
EEP1203 Healthy Village Phase1 (Hong Fai Court & Hong Wang Court) HK$60,000
EEP1206 Lei Cheng Uk Estate HK$790,030
EEP1207 Joyful Building HK$50,380
EEP1208 Harbour View Terrace HK$363,200
EEP1209 Kam Kin Mansion HK$73,500
EEP1211 Laguna Verde (lighting - LED) HK$663,675
EEP1213 Sai Wan New Apartments HK$25,300
EEP1216 Kwok Ga Building HK$245,300
EEP1218 European Asian Bank Building HK$380,000
EEP1219 Wealth Building HK$288,100
EEP1222 Wah Yuen Chuen (lift & escalator)) HK$1,712,000
EEP1223 Waterfront (lighting - carpark Phase 1: L1 & L2 ) HK$69,910
EEP1224 Wang Fuk Court HK$3,665,500
EEP1225 Century Industrial Centre HK$248,100
EEP1226 Tuen Mun Tai Hing Gardens, Phase II HK$1,959,600
EEP1228 Yau Woo Building HK$302,500
EEP1229 Kenny Court HK$184,500
EEP1230 Sherwood Court, Kingswood Villas HK$819,204
EEP1232 Kornhill, Block A - D (lighting - corridor) HK$450,000
EEP1233 Kornhill, Block E - G (lighting - corridor) HK$292,950
EEP1234 Kornhill, Block H (lighting - corridor) HK$92,400
EEP1235 Fortune Plaza (lighting) HK$181,863
EEP1236 Lake Silver HK$966,575
EEP1237 Royal Green HK$683,370
EEP1238 Parc Versailles II HK$237,910
EEP1239 Luen Hing Apartment HK$326,900
EEP1240 Luen Fat Apartment HK$326,900
EEP1241 Luen On Apartment HK$326,900
EEP1242 McDonald's Building HK$500,000
EEP1243 Le Prestige HK$304,155
EEP1244 Island Place Tower HK$190,000
EEP1246 King Man Court HK$348,300
EEP1247 Jade Mansion (lighting) HK$32,130
EEP1252 Kornhill, Block J - M (lighting - corridor) HK$334,125
EEP1253 Kornhill, Block N - R (lighting - corrdior) HK$374,400
EEP1254 Kornhill (lighting - carpark) HK$303,413
EEP1256 Jade Mansion (lift & escalator) HK$336,050
EEP1260 Yuen Long Yee Fung Garden (lighting) HK$322,950
EEP1261 Kensington Court HK$184,500
EEP1262 Luen Tak Apartment HK$362,560
EEP1263 Lyttelton Garden HK$176,590
EEP1264 Euston Court HK$340,815
EEP1265 Cheong Yuen Building (lift & escalator) HK$500,000
EEP1267 South China Building (lift & escalator) HK$500,000
EEP1268 Kingsford Height HK$95,335
EEP1270 Kornhill, Block J - M (lighting-LED- corridor) HK$147,225
EEP1271 Kornhill, Block N - R (lighting-LED- corridor) HK$227,175
EEP1272 Kornhill (lighting-LED-subway) HK$10,350
EEP1274 Shiu Fai Terrace HK$250,890
EEP1276 Ka Wai Chuen (Ka Shing Lau, Ka On Lau & Ka Ting Lau) HK$390,358
EEP1277 Golden Bear Industrial Centre (Lift-No.18) HK$545,000
EEP1278 Botania Villa (AC - lobby & control room) HK$319,680
EEP1279 Greenpark Villa (lighting - carpark & clubhouse) HK$221,220
EEP1280 Sing Po Building HK$363,580
EEP1281 City Garden (lighting - residental stairway & carpark) HK$229,275
EEP1282 Dragon View HK$357,050
EEP1283 Chong Chien Court, Wyler Garden (lift & escalator) HK$3,322,500
EEP1284 Hong Shui Court (lighting+electrical) HK$23,950
EEP1285 Toa Tak Building HK$257,500
EEP1288 Lai King Court HK$13,450
EEP1289 Mai Wah Industrial Building (lift - L1) HK$134,000
EEP1290 Mai Wah Industrial Building (lift - L2) HK$134,000
EEP1291 Mai Wah Industrial Building (lift - L3) HK$134,000
EEP1292 Mai Wah Industrial Building (lift - L4) HK$134,000
EEP1293 Mai Wah Industrial Building (lift - L5) HK$134,000
EEP1294 Mai Wah Industrial Building (lift - L6) HK$134,000
EEP1295 Mai Wah Industrial Building (lift - L7) HK$154,000
EEP1296 Argyle Centre Phase I HK$12,185
EEP1297 Sceneway Garden (lighting - LED) HK$134,925
EEP1298 Pristine Villa (air-conditiioning) HK$570,600
EEP1299 Villa Esplanada (shuttle bus & trucks parking) HK$84,250
EEP1300 Hong Lok Mansion HK$245,000
EEP1304 The Leighton Hill (lighting - LED at lobbies, clubhouse & public area) HK$126,735
EEP1305 United Centre (lift & escalator) HK$227,500
EEP1306 TThe Waterfront (lighting - carpark Phase 2: B1, B2 & B3) HK$132,268
EEP1307 Cliffview Mansion Phase 2 (lift & escalator) HK$820,000
EEP1314 Tong Nam Mansion HK$245,500
EEP1315 The Pinnacle HK$102,750
EEP1316 Palatial Stand HK$141,225
EEP1318 Royal Knoll (lighting - LED) HK$95,675
EEP1319 Silvercorp International Tower (air-conditioning) HK$81,360
EEP1320 Sung Ling Mansion HK$253,300
EEP1321 Tin Yau Court HK$1,429,245
EEP1322 Glen Haven HK$429,370
EEP1323 Lido Garden HK$1,486,735
EEP1324 The Harbourside (lighting - refuge floor & club house) HK$56,495
EEP1327 Cheong Yiu Building (lift & esacalator) HK$363,580
EEP1331 Shung Ling Building HK$49,760
EEP1332 Wah Tak Building (lighting) HK$34,170
EEP1333 Wah Tak Building (lift & escalator) HK$500,000
EEP1338 Yue Man Centre (AC & electrical) HK$157,920
EEP1339 Baycrest (lighting - residential & club house) HK$280,400
EEP1341 Ravana Garden (lighting - LED) HK$773,370
EEP1343 Blossom Garden (lighting) HK$456,130
EEP1344 Pacific Palisades HK$3,445,000
EEP1346 Tung Yu Building (lift & escalator) HK$257,500
EEP1347 Fook On Building, Tai Po HK$1,064,500
EEP1348 Harbour Court HK$356,500
EEP1349 Chiu Tat Factory Building HK$364,000
EEP1353 Wisdom Court HK$116,200
EEP1356 Che Wah Building (lift & escalator) HK$446,500
EEP1357 Shining Heights HK$203,080
EEP1358 Ming Nga Court (lighting) HK$234,250
EEP1361 Yue Cheung Centre HK$257,500
EEP1364 Arts Mansion, Wong Nai Chung Road HK$82,950
EEP1365 Kam Lung Court (electrical) HK$160,250
EEP1366 Hang Wai Industrial Centre (lift - Block C & D) HK$1,404,500
EEP1367 Yee Kok Court HK$1,022,500
EEP1369 Man On House HK$41,580
EEP1370 Mei Foo Sun Chuen - Stage II (electrical) HK$230,500
EEP1371 The Albany HK$86,150
EEP1372 Healthy Village Phase 2 (Hong Cheung Court, Hong Shing Court & Hong Yan Court) HK$59,200
EEP1373 Mandarin Garden HK$257,500
EEP1374 Man Fatt Mansion, Energy Efficiency HK$130,000
EEP1375 Affluence Garden (lift & escalator) HK$2,500,000
EEP1376 Tung Hing Building HK$359,500
EEP1377 Tai Ping Industrial Centre Block 1 (lighting - LED) HK$352,460
EEP1379 Elite Garden HK$175,500
EEP1382 Kam Wah Building (lift & escalator) HK$257,500
EEP1383 Kam Wah Building (lighting+AC) HK$21,175
EEP1384 Hilton Towers HK$725,000
EEP1385 Parkland Villas (lighting - lobby, staircase, car park & club house) HK$851,205
EEP1386 Hong Tin Court HK$1,357,900
EEP1388 Island Place Tower (AC - cooling tower & water pump) HK$38,803
EEP1389 On Ning Garden (lighting) HK$134,900
EEP1395 The Cullinan (lighting-spot light) HK$69,800
EEP1396 Tai Hong House HK$105,000
EEP1397 Kingsway Industrial Building (Phase I & II) HK$725,900
EEP1399 Yue Yan Mansion HK$1,270,500
EEP1400 Hillier Building HK$100,000
EEP1405 Fortress Garden HK$1,234,500
EEP1407 Wai Cheung Industrial Centre HK$500,000
EEP1409 Foon Tak Building HK$173,500
EEP1411 Yuk Ming Towers HK$111,410
EEP1412 Tsuen King Garden, Phase 2 (car-park) HK$47,830
EEP1413 Lai Yin Court HK$29,425
EEP1415 Greenville Gardens of Shiu Fai Terrace (lift & escalator) HK$1,267,500
EEP1416 Hiu Lai Court (lighting) HK$404,600
EEP1417 Yuen Long Shun Fat Building HK$41,600
EEP1421 Castle Peak Villas HK$516,500
EEP1423 Yue Yick Building HK$140,000
EEP1425 103-105 Fuk Wing Street HK$101,500
EEP1426 Gallant House HK$500,000
EEP1430 Westland Heights HK$175,500
EEP1431 Castle Peak Villas (lighting) HK$50,425
EEP1433 Dragon View (electrical) HK$166,980
EEP1435 Evergreen Villa HK$2,596,500
EEP1438 Pak On Building HK$376,400
EEP1445 Royal Court HK$159,975
EEP1446 Eightland Gardens HK$767,500
EEP1461 Harbour Green (ligthing) HK$221,400
EEP1463 Kam Yu Building HK$171,500
EEP1472 Kornhill Gardens, Block 1-10 (electrical) HK$30,000
EEP1486 Everest Industrial Centre HK$99,400
EEP1487 AirGoal Cargo Building HK$44,575
EEP1490 Yu Chui Court (lighting) HK$1,341,880
EEP1491 Realty Garden (lift & escalator) HK$1,917,500
EEP1493 Hiap Teck Building HK$130,000
EEP1497 Greenville Gardens of Shiu Fai Terrace, Block A (lift & escalator) HK$365,140
EEP1499 The Latitude HK$226,955
EEP1506 Lung Poon Court HK$191,368
EEP1512 Kam Tong Building HK$490,600
EEP1513 Evergreen Villa HK$294,800
EEP1515 Convention Plaza Apartments (Lighting) HK$65,800
EEP1530 Leapont Industrial Building (Lighting) HK$66,675
EEP1533 Tai Po Six Village Village Office HK$51,210
EEP1561 Tierra Verde (Lighting - Tower 1-12) HK$995,023
EEP1624 Yue Tak Building HK$308,500
EEP1630 Ka To Building HK$207,500
EEP1642 Sea and Sky Court HK$127,500
EEP1643 Sam Ying Building (lift & escalator) HK$257,500
EEP1652 Kwun Tong Mansion HK$370,000
EEP1658 The Cullinan (lighting) HK$69,800
EEP1661 Viking Garden HK$423,250
EEP1677 Lee May Building HK$363,500
EEP1695 Po Pui Court (lighting) HK$273,250
EEP1742 Cheong Hing Building HK$130,500
EEP1754 Central Park & Park Avenue (lighting) HK$299,870
EEP1762 South Horizons (fresh water booster pump) HK$110,000