Energy-cum-carbon Audit Projects  

The objective of the Programme is to encourage existing building owners to carry out energy-cum-carbon audits, with a view to systematically reviewing the use of energy and quantifying the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their buildings, and to identify opportunities for enhancements of energy efficiency and conservation and reductions in the level of GHG emissions arising from building operations. The scheme will cover energy-cum-carbon audits to be carried out in communal areas of residential, commercial, industrial buildings or composite buildings comprising any two of these three types of establishments.

Application Number Name of Estate / Building Approved Amount
ECA0002 Ocean Shores HK$120,000.00
ECA0006 Lladro Building HK$24,000.00
ECA0009 Regent-on-the-Park HK$19,500.00
ECA0010 Shui On Centre HK$49,000.00
ECA0011 Hong Kong Parkview HK$150,000.00
ECA0012 Argyle Centre Phase I HK$18,000.00
ECA0017 Fung Tak Estate HK$130,000.00
ECA0023 United Centre HK$47,500.00
ECA0027 Grand Promenade HK$33,900.00
ECA0032 Woodland Crest HK$120,000.00
ECA0042 Block S, T, U, Site 3, Aberdeen Centre HK$20,000.00
ECA0043 Block A, B, C, D, Site 4, Aberdeen Centre HK$25,000.00
ECA0044 Block K, L, M, N, Site 5, Aberdeen Centre HK$25,000.00
ECA0046 Forest Hill HK$45,000.00
ECA0059 Dawning Views HK$125,000.00
ECA0076 Wheelock House HK$21,000.00
ECA0077 China Insurance Group Building HK$35,000.00
ECA0079 Chuk Yuen (North) Estate HK$24,500.00
ECA0092 Metro Harbour View HK$25,400.00
ECA0096 Liberte HK$75,000.00
ECA0109 La Cite Noble HK$40,250.00
ECA0115 Fortress Garden HK$30,000.00
ECA0118 Metro City Phase II HK$27,500.00
ECA0127 Granville Garden HK$14,400.00
ECA0128 Jade Plaza HK$33,000.00
ECA0133 Cable TV Tower & Cable TV Tower (South) HK$35,000.00
ECA0140 Uptown Plaza HK$58,000.00
ECA0142 Block 1 - 5, Site 1, Whampoa Garden HK$9,990.00
ECA0143 Block 1 - 18, Site 2, Whampoa Garden HK$29,205.00
ECA0145 Block 1 - 6, Site 4, Whampoa Garden HK$11,430.00
ECA0146 Block 1 - 9, Site 5, Whampoa Garden HK$15,885.00
ECA0149 Block 1 - 5, Site 10, Whampoa Garden HK$9,990.00
ECA0150 Block 1 - 13, Site 11, Whampoa Garden HK$21,825.00
ECA0151 Block 1 - 9, Site 12, Whampoa Garden HK$15,885.00
ECA0153 Convention Plaza Apartments HK$35,000.00
ECA0159 Ever Gain Plaza HK$45,000.00
ECA0163 Lippo Centre HK$45,000.00
ECA0169 New Mandarin Plaza HK$30,000.00
ECA0170 Saddle Ridge Garden HK$40,000.00
ECA0171 Langham Place, Office Tower HK$24,000.00
ECA0172 Aberdeen Centre, Site 1, Kong Fu Court, Block E HK$5,000.00
ECA0173 Aberdeen Centre, Site 1, Kong Shing Court, Block F HK$5,000.00
ECA0174 Aberdeen Centre, Site 1, Kong Cheung Court, Block G HK$5,000.00
ECA0175 Aberdeen Centre, Site 1, Kong Tai Court, Block H HK$5,000.00
ECA0176 Aberdeen Centre, Site 1, Kong Wing Court, Block I HK$5,000.00
ECA0177 Aberdeen Centre, Site 1, Kong Hing Court, Block J HK$5,000.00
ECA0188 City One Shatin (Block 18, 35 & 36) HK$30,000.00
ECA0194 Kennedy Heights HK$23,000.00
ECA0197 Silvercorp International Tower HK$13,400.00
ECA0205 Robinson Place HK$24,000.00
ECA0206 Wisdom Court HK$25,000.00
ECA0207 Monticello HK$30,000.00
ECA0208 Harbour Place HK$100,000.00
ECA0209 Sea View Estate HK$75,000.00
ECA0210 Homestead HK$23,000.00
ECA0212 Silvercord HK$47,530.00