Re ECF Project: ECF 2016-92

Project Title: Development of a New Multiphase High Energy-efficiency PM Vernier Machine for Electric Vehicle

Applicant: Dr. Chunhua LIU, School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong

Total Approved Grant: $470,000

Duration: 1/3/2017 to 28/2/2019

Project Status/Remarks: On-going

In recent years, electric vehicle (EV) has caught much attention due to its attractive function for effectively reducing the emission and improving the energy efficiency. Also, the corresponding advanced technologies have been attempted to use in EVs, such as unmanned driving, wireless-power charging, high-capacity battery, etc. These emerging technologies can significantly promote the EV usage from the global to the local. However, the key component, namely the electric machine, for the EV propulsion system, still stagnates for a long time. Aiming at realizing the high energy-efficiency and high reliability for the direct-drive application in the EVs, a new multiphase high energy-efficient PM vernier (PMV) machine is presented. The primary purposes of this project are: (a) to investigate the new technologies for EV development and promote the EV usage in local groups; (b) to develop a new type of six-phase PMV machine prototype that can directly drive the EV without gearing sets; and(c) to design a corresponding drive system for the proposed prototype and verify its performances. The success of the project will provide a sound knowledge for the design of a new type of multiphase high energy-efficiency PMV machine for advanced modern EVs. Also, it will significantly increase the technology impact of EVs for the local reputation.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:
To be available upon completion of the project