Re ECF Project: ECF 2016-28

Project Title: Asia-Pacific Conference on Biotechnology for Waste Conversion (BioWC 2016)

Applicant: Professor Jonathan W C Wong, Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University

Total Approved Grant: $400,000 or 70% of the total actual expenditure, whichever would be the less

Duration: 26/7/2016 to 28/2/2017

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

The Conference aims to address the issues of waste management and evaluate the most advanced and innovative bio-technologies and strategies available for waste management suitable for Asia-Pacific region.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:
The Conference was held from 6 to 8 December 2016 at the Hong Kong Baptist University and was attended by 300 international experts who shared the advancements in the field of biotechnologies for conversion of waste into value added products such as biogas, biofuels, new biomaterials, and bio-fertilizers. A total of 9 keynote speeches, 23 invited speeches, 49 oral presentations, and 103 posters were presented. Overall waste management scenario from Asia-Pacific Countries and pros-cons of application of waste to biofuel conversion was discussed in different sessions. The new knowledge on improving the food waste to energy conversion by dry anaerobic digestion and process economy was proposed, while the significant role of operating landfill bioreactors as anaerobic digesters for waste management was emphasized by different speakers. Moreover, methods to develop and implement the compost quality standards for sustainable agriculture practices in Asia-Pacific region were framed during the composting forum. 20 best post awards announced in the closing ceremony that energized whole participants. Post-conference workshop also attracted many local business leaders to attend and they absorbed the new idea and new technology of anaerobic digestion and plant operations. The field trip on 8 December 2016 inspired overseas participants to bring the new technology and idea to their own countries.