Re ECF Project: 2014-01

Project Title: 3rd International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC2014)

Applicant: Ir Dr. Otto POON, Hong Kong Climate Change Forum Limited (HKCCF)

Total Approved Grant: $500,000 or 70% of the total actual expenditure, whichever will be less.

Duration: 25/8/2014 to 30/12/2014

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

This project aims to provide a timely and informative platform to share knowledge with policy makers, academics, professionals and business leaders, and their regional and international counterparts on the needs, challenges and opportunities of urban adaptation and resilience in Hong Kong and Asia.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:
The project delivered a well-attended conference on urban adaptation with strong local, Chinese mainland and international content.  The conference consisted of 18 plenary and breakout sessions, each with a moderator and several speakers.  Total conference participation was 59 speakers, 19 moderators and hosts, and a grand total of over 250 participants in attendance.   Sixteen sessions featured significant interaction with audience members.  The key points made during the conference are listed in the conference report.  In summary, risks of climate change to Hong Kong and Asian cities are large but uncertain; risks include sudden events such as storms and flooding, as well as more gradual but persistent trends such as increasing ambient temperatures, water scarcity, and sea level rise.  Adaptation is multi-disciplinary, and will call for new types of expertise, including more and stronger communication and  cooperation across disciplines.  Adaptation measures that contribute to urban resilience include weather prediction and early warning systems; risk and damage assessments; emergency response capabilities for larger and more frequent floods and heat waves; architectural and engineering design to withstand climate change; bioadaptation (use of natural systems to resist impacts of climate change); water management, drainage and conservation.  There is considerable uncertainty in risks posed by climate change.  We must take actions in face of uncertainty, even as we continue to update our assessments of trends and risks.