Re ECF Project: 2011-22

Project Title: International Conference on Solid Waste: Innovation in Technology and Management

Applicant: Prof. Jonathan W.C. WONG of Hong Kong Baptist University

Total Approved Grant: $500,000 (or 70% of the total actual expenditure, whichever the less)

Duration: 1/12/2011 to 31/5/2013

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

The project aims to organize an international conference that could bring together various stakeholders from academia, industry, government and non-government organizations to deliberate on issues pertaining to technological advancement for solid waste treatment and recycling with a perspective to combat climate change so as to have a better understanding of the policy needs, technical and scientific inputs, financial requirements and social changes required for sustainable waste management and development.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:
The five-day conference focused on providing a platform for the exchange of recent advancements and innovations in the technology, management and policy issues pertaining to the solid waste management problem. Conference attracted over 472 delegates from 42 countries across, Asia, Europe, America, Australia and Africa. Delegates represented academics, professionals, government officials and general public; and the deliberations over many sessions were vibrant. Crucial information of what is available and what is required as influenced by the current and expected policy changes were discussed actively. There were 43 platform sessions run in 4 parallel sessions under 14 different topics from policy, technology, management and climate change; intermittent and relevant keynote sessions presented the state of the art situation and knowledge gaps that was attended by all the delegates. A continuous poster session provided opportunity for researchers to report their work. Two pre-conference workshops on Waste prevention and Biochar provided key information about how the current waste reduction has to be approached as influenced by the geographic location and how the biochar can be used to mitigate the climate greenhouse emission and climate change. Technical field visits provided the state of Hong Kong recycling industries and landfill management and potential feedback were exchanged during the visits. Finally, the representatives from the Asian, American, Europe and African countries formed a network and proposed the formation of ‘Asia-Pacific Association for the Sustainable Solid Waste Management’ and Prof. Jonathan Wong, Chair of the ICSWHK 2013, was selected as the President.