Re ECF Project: 2011-17

Project Title: On the resident participation in domestic waste recycling in a high-rise residential setting

Applicant: Dr. Yung YAU of City University of Hong Kong

Total Approved Grant: $207,360

Duration: 1/7/2012 to 30/6/2014

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

The project aims tp-

  • explore the determinants of the resident participation in domestic and food waste recycling in high-rise residential buildings in Hong Kong; and
  • identify the major concerns of the residents in making recycling decisions.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:
With both quantitative and qualitative approaches, this research identified the factors affecting waste recycling behaviour in high-rise housing developments in Hong Kong and explored stakeholders’ concerns regarding promoting waste recycling in such a setting. The development-based survey revealed that waste separation facilities installed in the developments provided the major channel for recyclable collection. While effects of incentive schemes on the amount of recyclables collected were insignificant, better recycling outcomes were achieved through provision of waste separation facilities on every domestic floor. Yet, building factors like naturally ventilated corridors and number of flats per storey did not pose any significant effect on the recycling outcomes. On the other hand, the household based survey divulged that most residents did not participate in the recycling of food waste and certain types of domestic waste actively. Moreover, a low level of environmental knowledge of the local community was found. Time and efforts needed, size of residence and hygienic condition of the waste separation facilities were major concerns of the residents when making recycling decision. Sociodemographic characteristics of the residents like gender and age, housing type and memberships of resident association committee and environmental group were found to be significant determinants of the waste recycling behaviour.