Re ECF Project: 2010-30

Project Title: Carbon Footprint Analysis of Hotels in Hong Kong

Applicant: Dr. Joseph H.K. LAI of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Total Approved Grant: $319,680 (ECF & WWGF: 50/50)

Duration: 1/8/2011 to 30/4/2012

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

The project aims to identify the sources and amounts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from a representative group of hotels. Analysis of the findings will reveal the carbon footprints of the hotels, establish GHG emission benchmarks, and inform the factors and practices which are influential to GHG emissions from hotels.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:
With the support given by the HKHA (i.e. the Partner Organization), the project commenced smoothly on 1 August 2011. However, the withdrawals of some hotels from the project after receiving the HKHA’s recommendation on 6 October 2011, which was made based on the decision of an owners’ organization, showed that that organization was influential to the level of participation of the hotels in this project.

During the data collection process, it was found that the records of some kinds of data were either unavailable or incomplete. The data collection templates, designed under the current project, had facilitated the data collection process. Based on the collected data, it was found that the monthly carbon emission levels of the hotels ranged between 1.23 and 2.46 tonnes CO2-e/room. Electricity consumptions of the hotels, which gave rise to 87.34% to 94.97% of the total carbon emissions, were the major source of carbon emissions.

A carbon footprint calculator, in the form of an electronic spreadsheet, was developed for quantifying carbon emissions/removals from hotels in Hong Kong. Further to the construction of a website showing the results of the project, a seminar was held for participation by over 150 stakeholders in the hotel and building industries.