Re ECF Project: 2010-16

Project Title: Construction Waste Estimation and Management in Hong Kong

Applicant: Prof. Xueqing ZHANG of The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Total Approved Grant: $378,680 (ECF & WWGF: 50/50)

Duration: 1/1/2011 to 30/6/2012

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

The project aims to develop a construction waste estimation and management system for various types of building construction projects in Hong Kong. The system will facilitate construction companies in accurately estimating construction waste and making effective waste management strategies and plans that emphasize “reduce”, “reuse” and “recycle” practices over the construction process.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:

  1. A quantitative construction waste estimation methodology and the corresponding spreadsheet models have been developed;
  2. a questionnaire survey on waste ratios of materials in different work packages has been completed and a construction waste management methodology developed;
  3. full functions of the Web-based Construction Waste Estimation System have been developed and tested;
  4. five technical papers have been published in international conference proceedings;
  5. one paper was published in an international journal;
  6. one technical paper was submitted to an international journal for potential publication; and
  7. a brochure was designed for the promotion to the industry of the Web-based Construction Waste Estimation System.