Re ECF Project: 2009-27

Project Title: The Second International Conference on Global Change and the Environment in Asia and Pacific (GCEAP): Inland Waters and Coastal Environment

Applicant: Prof. Yuanzhi ZHANG of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Total Approved Grant: $200,000

Duration: 1/11/2009 to 29/10/2010

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

The project aims to bring experts together and provide a forum for discussions and networking among scientists and stakeholders on issues related to remote sensing of water quality monitoring and the impact of global climate change on the coastal environment including its feedback processes in Asia-Pacific region.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:
There are the following three key findings and outcomes of this project after the conference:
1. More than 60 post-graduate students registered to attend the conference of GCEAP 2010. They would like to exchange the research ideas of using remote sensing for inland waters and coastal environment, during a time facing great challenges and opportunities about the future of our regional and global environment, especially within the coastal environment.
2. The conference would help us understand more about the theme of environmental quality and the impact of global climate change on the changing quality of inland waters and coastal environment, including both positive and negative feedback processes. This is because in many coastal regions, rapid industrial, urban and agricultural development has caused land use and land cover changes and various associated kinds of water pollution. The inland to coastal water cycles influence, and are influenced by, effects from climate change both regionally and globally.
3. More than 40 leading scholars come from various countries and places. Their academic achievements would provide new ideas and lead to potential new collaborative projects in the near future at both the national and international level with their presentations and discussions during the two-day conference.

Deliverables include a special issue of Annals of GIS, a Book, and two book chapters.