Re ECF Project: 2008-13

Project Title: The Building Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP): Initial Phase of Development

Applicant: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Prof. Francis WH YIK)

Total Approved Grant: $1,983,120

Duration: 01/09/2009 to 31/5/2012

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

To carry out necessary ground works in preparation for launching the proposed Building Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP), which aims at enabling achievement of substantial improvements to the energy efficiency of buildings in Hong Kong.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:
Energy audits were carried out for 10 buildings/ estates to showcase the benefits of rigorous audits, and measurement and verification (M&V) were conducted subsequent to implementation of energy efficient measures in 5 of them for effectiveness evaluation. The building owners were given individual reports on the audit results and guidance on improvements free of charge. A separate report that documented the ballpark building energy use figures found, the improvement measures recommended, and the 7 approaches taken and measurement techniques employed in the audit and M&V studies will provide guidance to engineers who undertake building energy audits.

The detailed, user-friendly energy simulation program developed will be a tool needed by building and air-conditioning (AC) system designers to rigorously and expeditiously assess energy performance of building and AC system designs. Besides detailed simulation of year-round hourly cooling load and AC energy use, the program can facilitate them to carry out design load and OTTV calculations, duct and pipe sizing, psychrometric analysis, design of PV installations and output predictions, compliance checks against relevant regulatory requirements in the Building Energy Code and life cycle costing.

A training programme underpinned by the abovementioned works was developed for professional engineers intending to practise as Registered Energy Assessors.