ECF Project: 2005-14

Project Title: The International Conference on Environmental and Public Health Management: Aquaculture and Environment

Applicant: Hong Kong Baptist University (Professor MH Wong)

Total Approved Grant: $24,800

Duration: 7/12/2006 to 9/12/2006

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

Organization of an international conference for gathering information related to aquaculture and environment from experts around the world, in order to develop the guidelines for "Good Aquaculture Practices" or "Organic Fish Farming" for aquacultural industries in South China (including Hong Kong).

Summary of Findings/Outcomes:
This conference aimed to address the growing concern of the unsustainable practices in aquaculture industries and to raise the greater public awareness of the threats from such practices.  Investigations are so urgently needed to study the persistent behavior, distribution and ecotoxicological effects of several contaminants such as heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants, disinfectants and antibiotics etc in the pond environment, which can exert harmful effects on the cultured fish, adjacent ecosystem and human health.  The conference consisted of keynote presentations by acknowledged experts, oral presentations and poster displays by participants.

The conference provided a forum for experts in various areas of specialization to exchange up-to-date information on this timely environmental issue.  Overseas and local experts form U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Germany, Belgium, India, Bangladesh and South East Asia such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, China and Hong Kong presented their research findings and discussed the latest research developments with other participants.  It was a great opportunity for experience sharing, enhancing research collaboration and academic exchange.  The interactions and enlightening discussions brought to all participants newer and fresher perspectives related to their work.

The conference was successfully held whereby 150 scientists from different parts of the world gathered for experience sharing and academic exchanges on environmental and public health management issues.  During the conference period, 49 oral presentations were conducted and 34 poster presentations were displayed.  Some research collaborations were initiated after the conference.