Re ECF Project: 2004-25

Project Title: Atmospheric Deposition of Mercury in Hong Kong

Applicant: The University of Hong Kong

Project Proponent: Dr. N. S. Duzgoren-Aydin

Total Approved Grant: $149,372.00

Duration: 1/2/2006 to 31/1/2008

Project Status/Remarks: Terminated

The primary objective of this project is to quantify atmospheric deposition of Mercury (Hg) in various parts of Hong Kong. Based on the collected information, the study will give insight to:

  1. rate of atmospheric Hg loading in the environment of Hong Kong,
  2. spatial and seasonal variation(s) in atmospheric Hg deposition,
  3. possible influences of cross-boundary transport of Hg, and
  4. evaluate potential long-term ecological and human health impacts of atmospheric Hg in Hong Kong.