Project Title: The International Conference on Environmental and Public Health Management: Persistent Toxic Substances (PTS)

Applicant: Hong Kong Baptist University (Professor MH WONG)

Total Approved Grant: $20,000

Duration: 17/11/2004 to 19/11/2004

Project Status/Remarks: Completed

Organisation of an international conference for PTS Experts around the world to exchange up-to-date information on health and environmental issues with the aim of establishing priorities for the management of PTS.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:
This conference was a follow-up conference of the International Conference on Environmental and Public Health Management held in 2002 to provide another forum for experts around the world to discuss a more specialized environmental health issue: PTS. Croucher Institute for Environmental Sciences (CIES) is planning to develop it into a new international conference series which will be held regularly to review the important environmental and health issues.

PTS is a group of chemicals which are toxic, persistent in the environment, bioaccumulates in fatty tissues, biomagnifies through the food web and have a tendency for long-range transport. They can reproduce long-term contamination of our environment and due to their endocrine disrupting capabilities, they can cause acute and chronic toxicity to humans. Because of their serious environmental impact, PTS is now receiving world-wide attention.

This conference provided a forum for experts in various areas of specialization to exchange up-to-date information on this timely environmental issue. More than 150 scientists from different parts of the world such as USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Russian Federation, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong presented their latest research findings in the conference. It was a great opportunity for experience sharing, enhancing research collaboration and academic exchanges. The conference consisted of keynote presentations by acknowledged experts, oral presentations and poster displays by participants.