Project Title : Study of Marine Air Pollutant Emission around Kwai Chung Containers Terminal
Applicant : Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Dr. Fung Ka-shuen)
Total Approved Grant : $107,541.36
Duration : 14/7/2004 to 31/3/2006
Project Status/Remarks : completed
Scope : The project aims to develop an alternative method for estimation of emission inventory by using a systematic database of individual engine power of the ocean going container vessels, which are one of the main sources of marine emission.  The result is expected to provide additional information on the maritime emission, which can assist in the assessment of environmental impact from maritime activities.
Summary of findings :
The present study consisted of two parts: the first part was to develop a database for individual ocean-going container vessel visiting Kwai Chung Containers Terminal and the second part was to conduct computer simulation using the database and a simulation software AERMOD for the period from October 2002 to January 2003.  The emission from individual vessel was calculated using the formulae from Llyod’s Register and the total amount during this period and the annual projections were compared with the pollution inventory issued by HKEPD.  It was observed that the contribution of emission from ocean-going container vessels was high and SO2 was even higher than the total pollution inventory from navigation.  From the simulation results, it was observed that the simulation results of NO2 and SO2 contributed 20 to 30% of the recorded values in Kwai Chung Monitoring Station.  Except for PM10, the simulation value was only 1% of the measured value.  Both the database and simulation approach have produced realistic results, providing an alternative method and a sound basis for further investigation of marine emissions around the Kwai Chung area.