Project Title : A Way towards Sustainable Development in Hong Kong: Survey on the Attitude and Behaviour of Sustainable Consumption

Applicant : Friends of the Earth (Charity) Limited (Mr. Edwin Lau)

Total Approved Grant : $106,012.20 (jointly funded by ECF and WWGF)

Duration : 15 July 2003 - 15 January 2004

Project Status/Remarks : completed

Scope :

The project aims to conduct surveys through telephone interviews and focus groups to assess how Hong Kong people perceive environmentally responsible consumption and to what extent they perform green consumption. The research results would provide reference for the design of environmental campaigns. Towards the end of the project, press conference, conduct public talks and community mobilization workshops will be launched to advocate sustainable consumption and to promote environmentally responsible consumption.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:

The database of environmentally responsible consumer, the result of the questionnaires interviews and analyses performed in the project can be obtainable from the Friends of the Earth Homepage :

Completion report of the project has been placed at the library of all major green groups, and also at the library of various Universities in Hong Kong.