Project Title : Recycling of Construction and Demolition Materials for Civil Engineering and Building Applications in Hong Kong

Applicant : The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Professor C S Poon)

Total Approved Grant : $1,042,293.40 (jointly funded by ECF and WWGF)

Duration : 1/7/2003 to 30/6/2005

Project Status/Remarks : Completed

Scope :

To investigate the feasibility of recycling and reuse of construction and demolition (C&D) materials/waste in Hong Kong and carry out an extensive experimental programme to investigate the properties of recycled aggregates derived from C&D materials/waste. A set of standard specifications, guidelines and a quality assurance scheme to help the construction industry to effectively and confidently use recycled aggregates in Hong Kong will be developed.

Summary of findings :

Extensive laboratory studies have been undertaken at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to evaluate the feasibility of wider uses of recycled aggregates in building and civil engineering applications. The research focuses on using recycled aggregates in concrete, masonry units and road sub-base by conducting a series of comprehensive laboratory investigation. The results show that a higher percentage of recycled aggregates can be used in concrete, concrete products and road sub-base. It is found that the level of foreign materials/contaminants (e.g. crushed clay bricks, tiles and glass) in the recycled aggregates can be increased beyond the level currently specified in Hong Kong. A set of design guidelines has been produced to assist engineers to use recycled aggregates more widely in concrete applications. A quality assurance protocol has also been proposed to govern the use of recycled aggregates in Hong Kong.