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Dr CHENG Kam-chung, Eric, SBS, MH, OStJ, JP
Chairman of the Environment and Conservation Fund Committee

Welcome to the website of the Environment and Conservation Fund (“ECF”) and the Environment and Conservation Fund Committee (“the Committee”)!

The ECF is a statutory trust fund established in June 1994 under the Environment and Conservation Fund Ordinance (Cap. 450) (“the Ordinance”), which provides for the Secretary for Environment and Ecology to act as the ECF trustee.

The Government also established the Committee under the Ordinance. Except for the official members, other members (including the Chairman) of the Committee are appointed by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to advise the ECF trustee on the manner and extent of use of the ECF, with a view to funding education, research and other projects and activities in relation to environment and conservation matters; vet funding applications for various activities and projects; as well as monitor project implementation.

As a long-term commitment to the environment of and nature conservation in Hong Kong, the Government has been providing funding support to the Environmental Campaign Committee and other non-profit making eligible local organisations through the ECF for implementing green projects and activities for nearly three decades. The ECF has funded more than 6 000 green projects and activities over the years amounting to more than HK$4 billion.

While the ECF is approaching its 30th Anniversary, we would like to take this moment to reflect upon our past achievements, designate our targets, seize the opportunities and open up the future. We encourage the use of “technology innovation” to promote the goal of “emission reduction and carbon reduction”. In addition, we plan to organise various 30th Anniversary activities, with a view to enabling all sectors of the community and the general public to better understand and make good use of the ECF through applications for organising or participation in environmental protection and nature conservation projects, thereby promoting low-carbon living in the community and sustainable development.

I am sure that the ECF will continue to play an active role in environmental protection and ecological conservation, further join hands with all walks of life to promote sustainable local development, consciously safeguard national security and integrate Hong Kong into the overall national development setting, work together to build a healthy and pleasant city for ourselves and our future generations, and contribute our effort in turning Hong Kong people’s aspiration for a better living environment into reality.