Re ECF Project: ECF 2016-03

Project Title: Guide to Marine Macrophytes and Invertebrates of Hong Kong (Part 1)

Applicant: Dr. Put ANG, Jr., School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Total Approved Grant: $2,802,660

Duration: 1/11/2017 to 30/4/2019

Project Status/Remarks: On-going

To date, our ideas of what organisms we have in Hong Kong and how and where to find them remain a big question. This is especially so for marine organisms. The project aims to develop a series of guidebooks on major groups of marine macrophytes (macroalgae and seagrasses) and marine invertebrates found in Hong Kong waters. These guidebooks will provide the standard references for the identification of common Hong Kong marine macrophytes and invertebrates. This will lead to a better understanding of Hong Kong marine biodiversity as well as assist in the development of marine biodiversity conservation strategies for Hong Kong.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:
To be available upon completion of the project