Re ECF Project: 2013-03

Project Title: Developing an energy saving design guideline for car park ventilation in response to decreasing emission inventory

Applicant: Dr. CHAN Ming-yin, Department of Building Services Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Total Approved Grant: $468,360 (ECF & WWGF: 50/50)

Duration: 1/8/2014 to 31/7/2017

Project Status/Remarks: On-going

The project aims to-

  • critically review the existing design guidelines for car park ventilation system design including fire protection requirement;
  • measure prevalent air quality in 30 car parks and establish a database for in-depth investigation;
  • critically review the vehicular emission inventory from 1990 to present status;
  • critically review the energy requirement of car park ventilation system; and
  • develop a new local design guideline for car park ventilation to cope with decreasing emission inventory.

Summary of the Findings/Outcomes:
To be available upon completion of the project